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Apr 26, 2016 12:53 PM ET

Archived: FITwu – a radical new twist on the growing category of online fitness: “Social fitness” addresses the long-standing problem of membership retention in the fitness industry

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 26, 2016


Scottsdale, AZ 85254, US
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FITwu is a new type of online fitness platform. It brings to life an entirely new approach – “social fitness” – that substantially addresses the long-standing problem of membership retention in the fitness industry.

FITwu has conceived and designed a radical new twist on the growing category of online fitness.

Its platform offers everything that existing online fitness platforms do – high caliber on-demand streaming workout videos, personal fitness and nutrition tracking, high quality healthy meal plans, and several other integrated features- but FITwu doesn’t stop there.

Unlike existing fitness platforms, FITwu brings to life an entirely new category – “social fitness” – that ensures people actually stay committed to their fitness regimens for long term success—something brick & mortar health clubs and other online fitness companies don’t do.

In order to do this, FITwu has thoughtfully designed a unique and compelling customer experience – the “FITwu Experience” – to create deep psychological and emotional tie-ins with its members. This experience, and the platform it is built on, are based on a proprietary, patent-pending, approach that uses existing technologies in a novel new way. *Upon further discussions, the disruptive and proprietary nature of FITwu’s platform architecture will be revealed.

The “problem worth solving” in this case is the fact that most people either are intimidated to begin a fitness regimen or simply can’t stay committed to it. As a result, there is tremendous churn in the fitness industry (membership turnover). FITwu addresses this problem. It’s design “cracks the code” to keeping people committed for the long term.

What this means is two things. First, the FITwu platform will have broad mass appeal. Second, by reducing the level of member churn and retaining more of its membership each year, the FITwu design creates a highly sustainable business model.

FITwu’s goal and focused intentions are to become the world’s #1 fitness company.


Products / Services

Do you FITwu?

FITwu is an online fitness platform that does something no other platform does… create motivation.

The platform features key foundations – on-demand streaming world-class workout videos (with many different routines), personalized fitness and nutrition tracking, meal plans, and an online store to sell merchandise such as fitness apparel, shoes, books, videos, and more.

But what sets FITwu apart are – on top of these foundations – new features that create social and community experiences unlike anything else on the market, representing an entirely new paradigm for online fitness – one much closer to working out in your own neighborhood gym, yet at the same time letting members be a part of something meaningful on a global scale. This new paradigm creates levels of motivation and commitment never before experienced from an online fitness site, thus ensuring true, long term success for the person working out–something other fitness companies can not offer.



Chief Executive Officer
Doug Haroldson

Doug HaroldsonMr. Haroldson brings 25 years in sales, complex contract negotiation, business development, and general business. He has a demonstrated track record specifically in sales origination, marketing, and business development, these being in the solar and renewable, power generation, trading, and retail energy industries. Over his career, he has achieved numerous accomplishments in building and advancing new markets to multimillion dollar enterprises (by creating innovative products and transaction terms), as well as closing profitable, complex sales and partnership agreements. Mr. Haroldson holds a BS in Business & Marketing from the University of Arizona.

President Executive Officer
Steve Riskas

Steve RiskasMr. Riskas brings 25 years in strategy, business development, marketing, and advertising. He has a demonstrated track record specifically in leading Fortune 500 level product launches, communication and negotiation, surpassing sales goals, and driving, managing, and supporting teams, departments, and companies to own and execute their best work, resulting in corporate objectives being exceeded. Over his career, he has leveraged his fluency in such areas as advertising, marketing, sales promotion, branding, content marketing, channel marketing, digital marketing, TV/Radio/Print, direct marketing, product launch, PR, large events, sports sponsorships and media strategies to drive substantial business growth. Mr. Riskas holds a BS in Advertising from Northern Arizona University.

Consulting Advisor
Anthony Mills

Anthony MillsFITwu has established an external Board of Advisors to oversee and help guide the company. To date, FITwu has retained Mr. Anthony Mills to serve on its Board. Mr. Mills is the CEO of Legacy Innovation Group, a growth strategy consultancy based in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Mr. Mills has extensive executive experience within industry, driving such areas as strategy, design, engineering, product development, marketing, and operations. He brings considerable know-how to developing, launching, and scaling businesses such as FITwu. Mr. Mills holds graduate degrees in both Engineering and Management.

Contact Information:

Chief Executive Officer - Doug Haroldson

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