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Apr 26, 2016 4:05 PM ET

Archived: Avro Canadianna – a paradigm shift in aeronautics

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 26, 2016

Avro Canadianna

Edmonton, AB T5L0A3, Canada
Industrial & Manufacturing

It is Truly an Exciting Time in Avro Canadianna Ltd.’s history! Through its founder, directors and founding principals, Avro is offering to sophisticated investors and others an opportunity to become involved in a paradigm shift in aeronautics. .

By combining the advantages of lighter-than-air lift derived from helium with ballast control and aerodynamic lift from its state-of-the-art hull design, the Avro creates a vehicle of exceptional versatility, payload capacity and long range capabilities. The unique landing ability enables the Avro to land and take off from any surface, be it land or water. Through a process of ballast control, the airship will become very heavy and remain stationary, eliminating the need for ground crews or handling equipment, while providing full roll-on/roll-off capability of cargo. The Avro will gain leveling control during flight using rudders and stabilizers at the aft of the Avro craft and by deploying a unique proprietary air bladder control system that inflates and deflates whenever the onboard computer sensors detect a shift in the stability of the aircraft.


Products / Services

Avro Canadianna is a manufacturer of Heavy Lift Sky Barges.

Avro had preliminary design work completed just outside of Edmonton, Alberta by some of the most innovative, inventive and advanced aeronautical design engineering teams in the world. The lighter-than-air aeronautical design company’s proprietor is backed by over 25 years of experience personally, plus his gifted engineering staff. Avro Canadianna Limited will launch the first Avro I-20 vehicle in 2016. No certification will be required for this craft because initially it will not be motorized. The Avro I series will be towed by a mid-sized helicopter to provide the propulsion for the heavy lift, lighter-than-air, airbarge.

Avro is proposing to build its production facility in an area that has seen the most devastating effects of the economic downturn and where government incentives can be secured to assist in Avro’s future viability.



President Executive Officer
Al Stan


Vice President Manufacturing/Production
John Sadowski


Managing Director Operating Officer
John McQunn


Managing Director Engineering
Ron Strobl


Contact Information:

President Executive Officer - Al Stan

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