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Apr 22, 2016 3:01 PM ET

Archived: Mind For Life: Health Seminar & Workshop – We’ll help you improve your health with Info, Tools & Methods in Nutrition, Exercise & Mindset

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 22, 2016

Mind For Life: Health Seminar & Workshop

by   Beldluz Paredes




Have you been struggling with maintaining a healthy weight? Are you too busy to find time to exercise or cook healthy meals? Are your kids or family members putting on weight slowly and maybe you feel helpless in helping them? The information that is available about healthy life style is conflicting and confusing. One day you hear about fats as not being healthy, the next day they are healthy and this is only one example. Have you tried a hundred different programs and diets to try to lose the weight? Are you being tempted constantly by the unhealthy rich food that is on offer anywhere? No wonder that 64% of adult population is overweight or obese. On top of that you have to struggle with your own mind the lack of motivation to be active and avoid the temptations to binge and emotional eat. Where to start? What to do? And how to maintain what you doing?

We are a new charity that works with a team of health professionals to help people overcome the overweight and obesity problem.

We want to help individuals that are in need of support, advice, help and coaching to be able to switch to a healthy life style that can be maintained for good. A healthy life style that can fit in with your busy schedule and a mindset that will give you the motivation to be active and make the right choices.



We does this through advanced Neuro science methods that help you change habits in a way that is easy and permanent. We can give you the right information, exercise tips that are effective and easy to follow and incorporate into you busy life style. The problem is that information and advice need to be individualised, for each person experiences the problem in a different way. Each person will have to have a food plan and exercise plan that are right for them and we aim to address that as well.




To introduce what we do to the public and to educate as many people as possible as well as start to create the shift we are going to run a series of health seminars. This seminar will be different that what you have experienced before. You will have the chance to hear from the experts and also participate in hands on workshops that will help you start shifting your current life style.




Benefits you will get from the workshop:

Get the latest information about what to eat, how to plan you meals and how to make sure your digestion is working properly. Is sugar good for you? Find out the latest information about sugar and its affects and how to replace it or stop craving it. How much excersize do you really need?How can exercise be incorporated into your busy lives? Get tips for exercise routines that are effective in getting you the results you want. How does stress affect your ability to lose weight and what to do about it. Learn some effective relaxation and meditation techniques to deal with stress. Experience relaxation in the workshop. The workshop will provide you with 2 experiential techniques that you can take away and use at home as well to relieve stress and improve well-being instantly. You will know what are your current level of stress and you will be able to feel calmer and more energised. Learn how to stop junk food cravings and overcome emotional eating through Neuro Science. You will leave with a better understanding of your unhealthy food habits and with tools to manage those cravings. You might even experience a change in attitude towards certain junk food in the workshop. You will also get a bag of goodies offered by companies supporting our cause and you will be able to access some great offers and discounts. Get to network and buddy with other people that have the same issues. Team up and create great connections that can help with your changing your lifestyle.


Start now by joining our August workshops & pledging on a Mind for Life reward here!


Contact Information:

Beldluz Paredes

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