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Apr 21, 2016 3:09 PM ET

Archived: FLY Concierge: Text. Eat. Drink – A mobile text concierge for on the go insight and access to New York City’s best restaurants and bars.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 21, 2016

FLY Concierge: Text. Eat. Drink.

by Jernej Razen



A mobile text concierge for on the go insight and access to New York City’s best restaurants and bars.


About this project

What is FLY Concierge (“FLY”)?

FLY is a mobile text concierge for people “on the go”.  It provides insights and access to NYC’s best restaurants and bars.

Why was FLY created?

FLY originated from a very simple need.  Every time some friends, be they local or visiting, come to this great city they need recommendations of where to eat, visit, etc.

Common questions include the following: 

“Where should I go for tapas?”

“Where should we go before the theater?”

“Where is a chill place for a drink near Central Park?”

FLY’s creators loved answering those questions and FLY is the evolution of that role.

FLY is a business built to empower people to have the best possible experience in the city.

FLY is a local resource that knows all the best spots for every imaginable situation – reachable within minutes, via text.

Why is FLY on Kickstarter?

FLY is here to increase brand awareness and raise the funds necessary to bring the company to life.  

Our beta phase has elicited tremendously positive responses as an innovative concept offering inexpensive, yet highly curated and professional, concierge services.  

However, now it’s time to emerge from Beta.  

To do so FLY will need a bigger staff from restaurant researchers, to concierges, to marketing and tech support.

And while we’re currently only operational in New York City, this kind of corporate infrastructure will allow us to go national – and hopefully one day, global.

Who should use FLY?

1) Urban Explorers 

– living, working or visiting New York City who want to tap into the pulse of the city.   

2) Business Professionals 

-who lack time to investigate restaurants and secure their own reservations. 

3) Travelers and Tourists 

– who would like to augment their hotel concierge service with FLY’s ongoing off site support.

Why use FLY?

FLY answers the question, “Where should we go now?” by providing recommendations and reservations for New York City’s best dining and drinking spots delivered by mobile text while on the go from Point A to Point B.

Apps and review websites are great when you’ve got time and online access, but when you’re “on the go” in a cab or power walking to your next appointment, nothing is as convenient as texting for the answers you need.

The hotel concierge recommends Point A. FLY is there for points B, C and beyond.

What does FLY cost?

The service offers $5/week enrollment or $10/month subscription plans.

What to expect once a customer subscribes to FLY?

Subscribers can expect immediate access to a personal concierge team with unparalleled expertise on the newest restaurants and coolest bars around town. 

Fly is available 24 hours a day, seven day a week. No Wi-Fi access or data plan is needed.

What else does a subscription to FLY provide?  

Enrolled users can opt in to receive FLY Paper, a weekly emailed newsletter with personal recommendations for bars and restaurants in New York City.

Additionally, a food and restaurant blog on flyconcierge.nyc offers all visitors visually stunning imagery and insightful commentary on the culinary scene.

Visit flyconcierge.nyc to learn more. 

Risks and challenges

FLY is presently operating in a beta phase with a concern that “on the go” concierge services are not patent protected and therefore competitors are likely to emerge.

However, FLY is developing a strong brand with a unique business model that is first to market. FLY has created a confidential database and service models. We enjoy a first mover advantage that has and continues to lead to countless inroads within the hospitality industry.

Contact Information:

Jernej Razen

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