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Apr 19, 2016 5:33 PM ET

Mitz Apparel – Gender-Equal Clothing for Babies & Kids: Apparel that lets kids express who they are

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 19, 2016

Clothing for girls and boys free from gender stereotypes. Apparel that lets kids express who they are.

About this project

Mitz Apparel & Accessories Gender-Equal Clothing for Kids & Babies

The Idea: 

Imagine walking into a kids clothing store where there were options that let kids choose who they are and who they can grow up to be. What would that look like? We think it would be clothes that aren’t limited by traditional gender-stereotypes for girls or boys.

Where it all Started:

Amandine Liepmann is a mom to 2-year old Evie, and the Creative Director and co-owner of Mitz Apparel & Accessories. When Evie was 15 months old, she started to have very strong opinions on what she was interested in and what kind of clothing she wanted to wear. She loved trains, trucks and dinosaurs. Amandine primarily buys her daughter’s clothing from the boys’ section.

Amandine's daughter, Evie
Amandine’s daughter, Evie

One day, Evie was wearing a dinosaur shirt at the park and was mistaken for a boy. When Amandine politely told the mom ‘he’ was a ‘she’ the parent apologized. Then the other mom said, “At least it’s a girl being mistaken for a boy. Imagine how terribly embarrassing it would be if it was a boy being mistaken for a girl!’

For too long the message has been clear – it’s okay for a girl to dress more like a boy but it’s not okay for a boy to dress more like a girl. We want to change that perception. That day at the park, Amandine Liepmann realized she wanted to make a gender-equal line of clothing where no color or kids theme was off limits to either gender.


After the Mitz Apparel Gender-Equal Kickstarter successfully funds, you will receive a survey to indicate the size, style, and shipping location for your reward(s). If we are not fully funded, all pledges will be refunded.


Buying bulk printed fabric is very expensive and requires a lot of startup capital. While our previous products have sold incredibly well, we’ve used all of our development funds to build our current sample line. We need to order large quantities of fabric to make our pieces as affordable as possible to the general population – something that’s important to us as parents. We also need to purchase clothing snaps, tape, and thread. Your funds will be used to purchase these necessary materials to make our gender-equal clothing line.



Risks and challenges

With our background in manufacturing, we know how important it is to have backup plans and even backup plans for our backup plans.

All of our clothes are sewn by our professional, commercial seamstress Yvonne. We’ve accounted for if the workload becomes so great Yvonne can’t handle the volume. We’ve hired additional local backup seamstresses if things get too big – a great problem to have!

We’ve also contacted local cut and sew factories in NYC/PA and have a few on backup to ensure we can get our orders out on time should things get really big. Again, an amazing problem we’d love to have!

Contact Information:

Mitz Accessories

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