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Apr 15, 2016 2:01 PM ET

ozMozEco: Innovative Mosquito Traps – Protect your home and directly support communities in need

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 15, 2016

ozMozEco: Innovative Mosquito Traps

by   Samantha Piggott

 Protect your home with one of our mosquito traps and you will directly support communities in need

At ozMozEco, we have developed innovative mosquito trapping technology to be integrated into a comprehensive community education and research program. We are offering our knowledge, experience and passion about mosquitoes to the world.

oMozEco’s innovative mosquito trapping technology is;

  • reusable
  • sustainable
  • affordable
  • eco friendly, no chemicals
  • has no ongoing costs
  • new innovative design
  • helping to fight mosquito-borne diseases

Protect your home with our affordable eco-friendly mosquito trapping technology. Purchase one of our MozEcone traps, Screen traps or education kits and your funds will be directly supporting our education and research program in a school in Kwame Village, Papua New Guninea, a school in Timor Leste and schools in Sunshine Coast, Australia. We aim to empower communities to support healthy and sustainable ecosystems. 

ozMozEco’s self-sustaining MozEcone mosquito trap

We are driven by our goal of empowering kids and communities to create a safer and more sustainable world.

By linking schools, communities and researchers in Australia with countries that suffer from mosquito-borne diseases, our education and research program aims to empower communities andsupport healthy and sustainable ecosystems.

We aim to put the tools directly into school classrooms and the community’s hands. School children will be learning about mosquitoes, researching mosquito-borne diseases, and reducing the population of mosquitoes around their home and school. Their discoveries will be connected with university scientists to further global mosquito research. 

After a successful pilot program in Sunshine Coast Australia, Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste, we aim to scale up to regional programming.


The pillars of ozMozEco

  • Our patent pending ovi-positional mosquito trap, the MozEcone
  • Our patent pending mosquito screen trap that pops onto your window or door around your home
  • An educational research-based science kit for schools
  • An innovative ‘Rapid Mosquito Test’, developed by Dr Joanne Macdonald from University of the Sunshine Coast, that allows school children to test mosquitoes for vector diseases in their local environment
  • Our sister school network, connecting primary schools in Australia with primary schools in developing countries
  • Ongoing collaboration and participation with Australian universities and research groups



To be able to manage mosquitoes, you need to be able to understand mosquitoes

There are over 3500 species of mosquitoes in the world and there could be up to 20 different species in your backyard.

About 3.2 billion people – nearly half of the world’s population – are at risk of Malaria. In 2015, approximately 305,000 children died before their fifth birthdays. Dengue is the world fastest spreading, mosquito-borne disease, affecting 50-100 million people every year. Zika has had over 4000 cases reported so far and is showing links to the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

There is so much unknown about this disease and how it is spread that World Health Organisation has made a statement saying ‘we need to build the knowledge base quickly, very quickly’. The impact of these diseases can be debilitating on health, education and economic stability of communities around the world.

Our program aims to combine mosquito expertise with a school-based education program and cutting-edge research from Australian universities, to offer an innovative approach to managing this fascinating and deadly creature in our communities.


Under a microscope, some mosquitoes are as beautiful as any Bird-of-Paradise 



ozMozEco Rewards


Reward: Get a MozEcone trap for your backyard!


For $10 off expected retail price with our Early bird deals see our Rewards

The cornerstone of our mosquito management program is our patent pending MozEcone mosquito traps. This eco-friendly tool for mosquito management is based on 23 years of research and testing.

imageThe ovi-positional traps are made from recycled plasticsand based on a simple and innovative design. They split into two halves to allow internal access. The replaceable paddles, internal wall and contained water are utilised by gravid females of different species to deposit eggs on. 

The globe shape of the trap allows for the trap to be disturbed or moved to another location, while still functioning in any sitting position. The dual funnels allow water catchment and drainage whilst also providing a guided, one-way entry into the trap.

The MozEcone traps have been tested within a semi-field cage through a leading Australian University with positive results.

We are offering our first production round of traps to our ReadyFundGo community to support the implementation of our pilot community programs in developing countries.



The clear plastic top and the ability to be easily opened makes this trap perfect for school children to observe the mosquito life-cycle


The MozEcone mosquito trap can be placed in your backyard, forgotten about and it will continue to function


 Product design for the MozEcone ovi-trap. The two entrances allows mosquitoes to enter from either direction but not exit the trap.



The MozEcone is designed to naturally collect water but to speed up the process you can add rainwater or distilled water



Reward: Fortify your home with a Screen Trap


Our patent pending Screen trap targets mosquitoes and other airborne insect pests that attempt to enter a building through a window or door.

Screens used in current domestic and industrial buildings only keep pests out and no more. A screen that captures the pest would offer greater pest reduction. Imagine the potential of an entire village or suburb fitted with insect-trap screens to become an effective and unique community-wide trapping system for pests. 

When fitted to an open window or door, the design of the screen trap allows the mosquito (or other pests) to gain entry into the holding chamber where it can not escape. This means that:

  • The mosquito has not gained entry
  • It is not able to bite or bother you on another occasion in the future
  • It is not available to complete a reproduction life cycle and create the next generation of mosquitoes.

The traps can be placed singularly or in multiples, and can be placed and removed at will. The trap can be made of recycled plastic, bamboo or aluminium with mesh netting, and no moving parts or attractants. The simplicity of this design allows this trap to be produced cheaply and is able to fit any shape or size window or door.

So what are you waiting for? Be one of the first in the world to fortify your home with our Screen traps.





Reward: Get an ozMozEco T-shirt 


Our very talented in-house artist has designed a t-shirt just for our campaign. Don’t miss out on this awesome shirt, it won’t last long!  Check out the design below:





Reward: A MozEcone Trap for you and  Sponsored Trapimage

Buy one of our innovative MozEcone traps for your backyard and send one to someone who really needs one but cant afford it. Both traps will come with a USB with all the information you need.



Reward: A home science kit for the kids


Trying to think of something for the kids to do over the school holidays? Why not purchase one of our educational kits for your home with the added bonus of catching some of those pesky mozzies while they learn. The kit will include 2 x MozEcone traps, 1 x Screen trap, 1 x informational USB, a handheld microscope, 1 x aspirator, 1 x pipette and 1 x plastic tweezers.



Reward: Sponsor a science kit for a community in need and you will receive a MozEcone AND a Screen trap for your homeimage

Sponsor a Science kit to contribute to an education program. This program will be delivered to a school in a country where the incidence of mosquito-borne diseases like dengue have a debilitating impact on communities. The recipient of this package will get 2 x MozEcone traps, 1 x Screen trap, a USB information pack that includes an introduction of you as the sponsor, as well as an instruction manual showing them ways to help reduce the impact of mosquitoes in their community, 1 x Vector Testing kit, 1 x handheld microscope, 1 x aspirator, 1 x pipette and 1 x plastic tweezers.



Reward: Sponsor a Classroom


If you are keen to really make a difference to a community, you can sponsor a school class with 30 of our MozEcone school packs that includes two traps (one backyard trap and one observation trap), an information USB, a handheld innovative microscope, a vector testing kit, tweezers and a pipette. Sponsoring a class also gives them the opportunity to connect with another school in our sister school program. 


What your contribution will pay for

Your support will not only give you one of our mosquito traps for your own home, school or workplace (or one of our other rewards), but also help get our traps manufactured in Australia, and support the first roll-out of these internationally significant programs.

It will fund:

  • Initial production of our recycled plastic MozEcone mosquito trap systems.
  • Initial production of our screen trap
  • The implementation of our pilot school programs of community-based mosquito management, education and research in primary schools in Australia and in developing countries. 


More info on our community programs 

Our goal is to run a pilot program of mosquito education, management and research monitoring in primary schools in Australia and in developing countries.

We are currently working on setting up programs in Papua New Guinea and Timor Leste, but are still in the process of finalising locations to work in.

Our programs will:

  • Support natural science studies with our mosquito science kit. This will enable school children to learn about mosquito metamorphosis, life cycles, habitats and more importantly, how to identify different species of mosquitos and the diseases they may carry
  • Use an innovative vector testing kit. School children will gather and record information about mosquitoes through trap monitoring and equipment to assist identification of mosquito species and applications to test for diseases and viruses
  • Combine education with our patent pending mosquito trap systems for localised mosquito reduction and management, in schools and homes
  • Link the school-based program with scientists from leading Australian universities who are participating in the outreach research and education program
  • Create a sister school network that involves schools and communities all over the world, connecting and sharing project information in an online global database
  • This will ultimately assist with developing a global database on mosquito distribution, to support the community-based reduction and management of vector mosquitoes. 

Our aim is to empower kids and communities to take part in a global movement towards a safer and more sustainable world.



More info on the involvement of the research community

ozMozEco is collaborating with Dr Joanne Macdonald from University of the Sunshine Coast, who is developing a rapid mosquito test to provide communities with tools to monitor the health risks in their environment. She will share her experiences in mosquito disease monitoring with students to help them understand the impact mosquito diseases can have in communities, and the importance of monitoring for their appearance and spread. She will teach them how to do monitoring for diseases themselves using rapid mosquito tests.


 Dr Joanne Macdonald with PhD student Jia Li at University of Sunshine Coast working on their Rapid Mosquito Test

Over the past three years, Dr Macdonald was funded by the Queensland government to develop prototype devices able to detect multiple diseases in a single easy-to-use test kit. She has been applying this to the detection of theWest Nile, Murray Valley encephalitis, and Japanese encephalitis viruses. She is now expanding the system for detection of Ross River and Barmah Forest virus (through a Funding Initiatives for Mosquito Management in Western Australia grant) as well as the malaria parasite, the wolbachia bacteria, and also dengue and chikunguna viruses (through a Gates foundation Grand Challenge Explorations grant).



Our Supporters

A big shout-out to our wonderful supporters. We could not be here without these people!




Pascal Trojman with Dave Piggott in Total Plastics Solutions factory



Jack from Ryco in China with Rick Huisman (Ozmozeco) at Jack’s stall at the Canton Import Export Fair

About ozMozEco

ozMozEco is an Australian family business founded by mosquito specialist Dave Piggott and his two daughters, Samantha and Emily. Dave is an environmental pest management researcher and consultant with 23 years of field experience.

We are passionate about:

Respecting the role of mosquitoes in our planet’s ecosystem
How beautiful, fascinating and deadly mosquitoes are
Working with communities towards effective solutions for mosquito-borne disease control and elimination and mosquito management, not eradication
Creating eco-friendly solutions that are not damaging to the environment or humans
Contributing to the global knowledge base about vector mosquitoes and their distribution.


Dave Piggott, founder of ozMozEco



Dave in Dhaka, Bangladesh, where he was nicknamed ‘Mosha Dave’ (Mozzie Dave)

Dave Piggott (aka Mosha Dave) is an environmental pest management researcher and consultant. He specialises in mosquito management and is endlessly fascinated and captivated by this beautiful and deadly creature.

Dave has had a pro-active involvement in environmental pest management for the past 23 years. He practices and promotes environmentally sustainable and integrated management options. Dave has conducted product field trials for companies such as Dow Elanco, Agrevo and Novartis to assist them in gaining Australian certification for new biological pesticides. He has provided mosquito management, consultancy advice, education and training programs to Australian schools, community groups, international NGOs, state councils, resorts, mining operations, property developers and the wider pest control industry.



Dave meeting the local representatives of a business co-operative in Sylhet, Bangladesh


Dave’s aim is to provide viable and sustainable solutions to assist in the reduction of mosquito-transmitted viruses and diseases in communities.

Dave’s two daughters, Samantha and Emily, have been by his side helping him on his environmental mission for as long as they could walk. Together, as ozMozEco, they aim to provide the globe with environmentally friendly solutions to support healthy, sustainable communities.  


Dave and Samantha in their local newspaper in 1994

Please help us get the word out!

As well as purchasing a MozEcone trap or another reward, it would make a big difference to us if you could help to share this project with your friends and family. By helping to spread awareness of our campaign, you will be helping us take steps towards environmentally friendly community-based mosquito management and disease reduction. 



Contact Information:

Dave Piggott, founder of ozMozEco

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