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Apr 14, 2016 1:24 PM ET

Archived: Celebstir – It’s your stage, promote yourself: A site which allows its talented members to post 3 minute videos. Only one video is played at a time to increase exposure for users.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 14, 2016

It’s your stage, promote yourself.

by Aaron Carter

A site which allows its talented members to post 3 minute videos. Only one video is played at a time to increase exposure for users.


A site which allows its talented members to post 3 minute videos. Only one video is played at a time to increase exposure for users.

About this project

Celebstir has been revamped and modified and is ready to be shared with the world. The site is in need of some celebrity help and we hope this will give us the equity to connect with an “A” list celebrity as our sponsor. 

With over 65,000 Facebook ‘Likes,’ Celebstir is an online community which allows its members to post 3 minute videos. How is Celebstir different you ask? Only one video is played on Celebstir at a time, putting the spotlight on the 3 minute featured video/person. Our website is a place where an individual can promote their brand, ideas, and image….basically anything you would upload to Youtube. The idea is members can generate more traffic on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube positing on Celebstir because only one video is featured at a time. We are not competing with other social media sites, we are trying to help boost your existing sites. 

In addition to supporting up and coming talent, Celebstir hopes to ultimately be a site where celebrities launch or premiere new music videos, announcements, and other videos. The celebrities 3 minute videos/premiers will be played during prime time hours. Up and coming talents’ videos will be played the rest of the time. Just think, an up and coming singer’s video is played 3 minutes prior to Taylor Swift’s new music video. That said, we hope the increased traffic for the celebrity videos will help the up and coming talent gain more Likes, Follows and traffic on their existing social media sites. 

Celebstir will use funds to recruit an “A” list celebrity to its team (with a $100,000 signing bonus). This celebrity will use their social media accounts to promote Celebstir and increase our traffic. They will also upload videos on Celebstir to generate traffic and spark interest. With that, we believe fans following these celebrities on other social media websites will ‘spill over’ onto celebstir. We have already proved cabable of enlisting celebrities to participate in Celebstir in the past (which has helped us reach 65,000 Facebook Likes)…we now need more funds in order to attract a celebrity with a considerable following. 

Celebstir will also hire a Virginia based marketing firm (at roughly $10,000 for the year) to increase Celebstir’s exposure on social media and other avenues. This will be done by-way of advertising and social media. 

Finally, Celebstir will use roughly $20,000 for continued website development and testing/feedback. Testing will ensure the website is fully functional prior to the “A” list celebrity’s endorsement and development will include additional un-disclosed features currently in development. 

Risks and challenges

Just because a celebrity is involved doesn’t guarantee ‘spill over’ to Celebstir. There is always a risk the celebrity endorsement will not generate users to our website. However, we are combating this by hiring an “A” list celebrity at a whooping $100,000. Although the risk is still present, “A” list celebrities generally have millions of fans interested in anything they promote.

There is a risk we won’t be able to sign an “A” list celebrity (even with a $100,000 signing bonus). Although this is a risk, we have seen at the end of the day, “money talks.” We have already received calls back from agents for stars like Justin Bieber…we just didn’t have the funds to book them.

There is always a risk of ‘copy cat’ websites. To combat this, we have a near finished product and feel we have one step ahead of any potential competition. In addition, we have already filed various patents to help protect our company’s procedures. Finally, with over 65,000 Facebook Likes, we already have a captivated audience waiting for our relaunch.

Contact Information:

Aaron Carter

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