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Apr 13, 2016 12:29 PM ET

Archived: NAUROO: Uber for Babysitters – a smartphone app that makes finding a trusted babysitter easier, quicker, and safer than ever before

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 13, 2016


Uber for Babysitters

Babysitters have joined the on-demand economy with Nauroo. We are UBER for babysitters: a smartphone app that makes finding a trusted babysitter easier, quicker, and safer than ever before. It’s On-Demand!

Nauroo is nearing the end of product development. We expect to launch in early May, first in San Francisco, followed by a nationwide expansion. In the meantime, we’re building strong networks within local organizations like the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and the University of San Francisco (USF) to create connections with students interested in joining Nauroo’s sitter community.

Nauroo is creating opportunities for everyone — parents, job seekers, and organizations. Parents get the sitter they need, qualified sitters are able to earn more money, and organizations can attract and keep top talent by offering childcare during work hours.

When will Nauroo be in your city? Read on to find out!

Planning a night out for parents is no simple task.

Posting a job, browsing for sitters, waiting for someone to respond, interviewing them — it’s a long and arduous process and can take a lot of time. And if you are able to get a sitter, you’re worrying the entire night if everything is okay at home.

When it comes to our kids, parents need to be 110% sure that they are in good hands. This is  exactly why last minute plans are impossible for parents: If that night-out hasn’t been planned weeks in advance, it’s probably not happening.

Nauroo is on a mission to bring comfort, peace of mind, and spontaneity back to the lives of parents everywhere. We’re here because we believe in making parenting easier.

Nauroo provides parents with the largest selection of vetted and verified local sitters. We present all qualified options as social profiles with all the information parents need to know before booking them.

Nauroo makes every sitter go through an extensive verification process, complete with a fingerprint background check (LiveScan for California) that is in full compliance with Megan’s Law. No sitter profile makes it to Nauroo without this background check.

Nauroo gives preference to sitters who are certified in CPR or through the American Red Cross’ Babysitting & Child Care Training program.

Input your location to see all the verified and certified sitters in your area.

Sitters also create profiles complete with a resume, picture, and video to introduce themselves. Sitters will be rated and reviewed by parents in your area, so you know you’re picking the best sitter for your kids.

Sitters will continuously update their calendars to provide parents with real-time availability.

Swipe between sitters to find the one you like. Once you find your sitter, tap to request them, and the sitter will be notified immediately. After the sitter accepts, parents can provide all the logistics: time, location, and the child’s info, such as allergies, their bedtime, and their favorite snacks.

Nauroo tracks how much time is left in the babysitting agreement. If parents want to extend their night out, or if there’s a change in plan, they can always chat with the sitter right away and ask for more time.

In the beginning, Nauroo will set a standard hourly rate based on city. We will eventually allow sitters to set their own hourly rate. Once the job is complete, the payment automatically gets sent to the sitter from the parent’s credit card on file.

As childcare grows as an industry, Nauroo is working to legitimize the profession and create a trusting and supportive environment.

The industry is expected to grow anywhere between 78%-120% year-over-year.The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that personal home-based childcare (babysitting) will have among of the fastest employment growth of all industries through 2020.

Corporate spending on child care has gone up by roughly 1,400% from 2012 to 2015. Corporate child care is also raising the bar. Big corporations have spent huge amounts offering babysitting as an employee benefit in an effort to attract and retain top employees.

Childcare is no longer a part-time job just for teenagers. Babysitting has now become a part of early child education and is being incorporated into a number of higher education programs. As more and more research shows the importance of learning at home from a young age, babysitting will continue to gain importance and validation.

Moreover, the demand for babysitters is at an all time high.

As the generation of “working parents” continues to grow, high demand will continue to be a contributing factor to the rise in the babysitting industry. 

We started building Nauroo four months ago and are nearly complete. Our three synced components are nearing completion:

We’re projecting May 1 as our official launch date. In addition to web and app development, we’ve been up to a lot:

Based in San Francisco, Nauroo will launch it’s revolutionary service in San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area before expanding across the country, and eventually globally. Our plan is to expand to 14 cities in the US within our first year of operation.

In the longer term, we also plan on expanding into other markets besides babysitting. Nanny and maid services are two natural expansion areas.

Contact Information:

Debasish Karmakar

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