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Apr 12, 2016 7:07 AM ET

Archived: PeruseLab: Improving Onscreen Chemistry – A comprehensive suite of tools to advance the learning, research, and discovery efforts of chemists and chemistry-based businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 12, 2016

PeruseLab: Improving Onscreen Chemistry

by Velusamy Velu



Transforming the relationship between chemistry and computers by providing a comprehensive suite of online tools for chemists.

About this project


PeruseLab is a cloud-based chemical informatics system that provides a comprehensive suite of tools to advance the learning, research, and discovery efforts of chemists and chemistry-based businesses.  Our aim is to provide seamless access to a rich source of chemical data and information, while also facilitating collaboration and communication within the scientific community.


Due to the highly complex and intricate nature of chemistry, the process of discovering quality chemical information and data is both time consuming and expensive.  In addition to making this information available to a larger audience, PeruseLab will make the process of discovering data easier and quicker.  Chemists will have more time to dedicate to the research and development that leads to scientific discovery and innovation.


Dr. Velusamy K. Velu began developing PeruseLab in June 2014.  With a Ph.D in Physical Chemistry from the Indian Institute of Technology -Roorkee and research experience with computer applications in chemistry, he transitioned to a career in computer science where he gained over twenty-five years of experience as a software developer.  It is this multi-disciplinary expertise and experience that drives PeruseLab.

He’s not completely alone, his daughter, Nitya Velu has jumped in to help with the Kickstarter campaign and provide business operations support.

Here’s a mini-podcast! Learn about Velu’s personal experience, as well as, the skills and technologies needed to create a software for chemists.


  • Molecular Structure Editor:  draw and export publication quality images using a web-based structure editor
  • Reaction Planning:  plan reactions by searching existing reactions and customizing, or by building reactions using the structure editor
  • Analytics:  build statistical models based on structure similarities and known properties
  • User Profiles:  save and manage work through a user profile, communicate and collaborate with other users

Want to take a deeper dive? Click here to understand how these tools help chemists.


Here’s a quick demonstration of the structure editor.  You’ll also get a feel for the layout of the software once all functionalities are added.

 project video thumbnail


  • Overhead & Administrative Costs (5%)
  • Amazon Web Services, Payment Processing, & Kickstarter Fees (10%)
  • Production & Distribution of Physical Rewards (10%)
  • Software Development (75%) – perfecting the structure drawing tool, developing advanced search, user collaboration, communication, and analytical capabilities


Die Cut Sticker (4" x 1.44")
Die Cut Sticker (4″ x 1.44″)
American Apparel Jersey T-Shirt
American Apparel Jersey T-Shirt

PRO Access:  Unlimited access to ALL of PeruseLab’s capabilities and functionalities.

Not a chemist? Pay it forward! We recognize that most of our rewards are geared towards chemists. If you give at the following levels, $100-$1000 and receive PRO Access, you’ll be able to gift your membership to the chemist or STEM student in your life. Don’t have one? We’ll find one!

Virtual Q&A Session:  Velu will host you via Google Hangouts for a Q&A session on the technologies and resources used to build PeruseLab.


Risks and challenges

Meeting delivery dates is one of the biggest challenges for a software development project of this scale. I’ve already tackled the most intensive programming and have laid a solid foundation upon which I can implement the remaining features. To further mitigate this risk, I’ve carefully developed a timetable that will enable me to consistently and aggressively move forward without compromising quality. Backers will be notified of any delays.

I’ve come a long way on my own. For nearly two years, I’ve dedicated my own resources and time to bring this project to life. I need your support to achieve it’s full potential. I believe deeply in this work and really hope to see it enrich the learning and research efforts of students and chemists around the world.

Contact Information:

Velusamy Velu

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