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Apr 12, 2016 8:00 AM ET

New Accountability System To Help People Accomplish Their Goals

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 12, 2016

HOUSTON, TX (March 31, 2016) – Accountable Partner by LYL Business Development, announced today an innovative globally available online accountability system that centralizes information, has chat and forum functions, and uses the influence of a community to help people accomplish their goals.


“I think it is a great idea, I think it’s overlooked,” says business leader George Ross, Executive VP and Counsel to Donald Trump companies. “How do you hold people accountable for what they are supposed to be doing?” he says. (Hear his thoughts at


“The system is intended to help a leader’s clients, and individuals accomplish their goal.” says Dale Tyson, founder of LYL Business Development and system designer. “An easy to use and flexible online tool greatly increases accountability.”


Numerous features and functions lead to a variety of benefits. An example is a personal trainer putting clients into a small group to create a community to share their goals, objectives, wins and challenges. Each member can provide comments with information and encouragement to keep going or get back on track.


Leaders are coaches, trainers and others who influence people to reach a goal. The leader can quickly read what a client has planned and accomplished so calls or meetings can focus on current challenges and next steps.


The leader will tremendously reduce the amount of accountability work and increase the number of clients they can work with. Leaders can also make money with the system by promoting a higher priced membership package or charging all or some clients to use the system.


Individuals can work with family, friends, colleagues, or by themselves. We provide a dedicated group or include them in a special group to help them accomplish their goal such as training for a marathon or losing weight.


With busy schedules and for other reasons, people may not get together very often so this system allows them to work together; sharing and commenting.


For more information, go to


About Accountable Partner:

Accountable Partner is part of LYL Business Development. We are based in Houston Texas.


Our online accountability system is intended for leaders, groups or individuals involved with setting goals and who want to easily and quickly keep track of their progress.


For more information, interviews, and articles, contact: Dale Tyson at USA (713) 510-5430 or CANADA (587) 315-4251, Email [email protected]

Contact Information:

Dale Tyson USA (713) 510-5430, Canada (587) 315-4251, Email [email protected]

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