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Archived: Guam Pak Express, Inc. has provided logistic resources to the residents and businesses of Guam

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Guam Pak Express, Inc.



Tamuning, 96913, Guam
Transportation & Distribution

For 12 years, Guam Pak Express, Inc. (GPE) has provided logistic resources to the residents and businesses of Guam. These resources include packing, storing, and transporting household goods for the United States Federal Government, commercial and residential relocation, world-wide express shipping, and intra-island courier services. Additionally, GPE functions as a Seimens and CISCO strategic parts center for the Asia-Pacific region. Critically located in a region housing the fastest growing economies, our company harbors enormous potential for growth and prosperity in the Pacific Rim. GPE seeks to become Guam’s premier logistic systems and services provider, as well as become a major player in fulfilling various local and federal government contracts throughout the Asia-Pacific region.


Prior Year Revenue Current Year Revenue Next Year Revenue
Company Age Employees Sub-Industry
16 years, 2 months 23 Logistics Systems & Services
Company Type Stock Exchange Stock Symbol

Products / Services

Military Household Packout

The US Federal Government employs companies around the world to either pack or unpack personal items within the household of a certain relocating military personnel, and prepare them for shipment to wherever their being assigned. Guam Pak Express is currently contracted to provide this service to the personnel stationed in Guam.

DHL Express Shipping

Guam Pak Express is partnered with DHL to provide express international shipping to most destinations throughout the globe.

Commercial/Residential Move

Guam Pak Express offers businesses and residents the service of relocating all of their personal belonging to a location of their choice. Not only do we offer to transport these items, but we can disassemble and reassemble all necessary items to help ease the moving process.

Courier Services

Guam Pak Express offers our clients same-day delivery service throughout the island of Guam.

Contact Information:

James Paulino

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