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Archived: The6forSyria: Help us raise the funds needed to sponsor a family from Syria seeking refugee status in Canada

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Organized by: Rajan Bansi

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Help us raise the funds needed to sponsor a family from Syria seeking refugee status in Canada.

We have organized a group – The6forSyria – that has submitted an application to sponsor and settle a family from Syria in the Greater Toronto area.

Donations from anyone from around the world are welcome. Our donation site is in Canadian dollars. Click below for a currency conversion link if you are using USD or EUR or any other currency.


We have submitted our application to Lifeline Syria and have assembled the required number of principal sponsors needed to form a group under the guidelines established by the Government of Canada.

It will be some time until we will know if donations will be tax deductible in Canada as that will depend in large part on the SAH. For now, anyone donating should assume their contribution is not tax deductible. If this changes, we will advise individuals accordingly.

Our soon to be launched web page will provide more details on the process, timelines, and progress in the coming weeks and months.

Many of our friends have asked us why we are looking to help another family. There are many reasons, but a few of them include the following. Neither of us was born in this country, but we are very proud Canadians. This effort embodies all of the things we love about Canada. Both of us feel a moral obligation to do something for our fellow human in this time of need. We are inspired not only by the tragic events happening around the world, but also by the many people that have already come forward to help. Finally, on October 13th, 2015, we welcomed our first child into this world. Our daughter would not be here without the help of others, and she is a constant reminder of how blessed and fortunate we are. We hope to never take our good fortune for granted and to always help others when we can. We want our daughter to grow up knowing that her choices matter, that she can always make a positive impact, and that she should forever be grateful to have been born in Canada.

These are our main reasons. We hope to learn about your reasons for getting involved in the comments submitted along with your donation.

Please consider a donation in any amount that you can afford.

Rajan and Julie

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Rajan Bansi

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