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Apr 8, 2016 9:31 AM ET

Archived: Revolver Internet TV Remote Control for iPhone – The 21st century remote control and social chat application for internet streaming on your iPhone.

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 8, 2016

Revolver Internet TV Remote Control for iPhone

by Vincent Grupi

The 21st century remote control and social chat application for internet streaming on your iPhone.

About this project

Problem: It takes time to search for your favorite TV shows on the Internet.

Solution: Revolver, the world’s first iPhone Internet TV remote control!

Revolver Internet TV Remote Control (depiction)
Revolver Internet TV Remote Control (depiction)

Situation: In 2015, Apple introduced a lightning to VGA connector and a lightning to HDMI enabling your iPhone for the first time to directly stream to your TV or projector.

Apple Lightning to VGA adapter
Apple Lightning to VGA adapter

 Scenario: You find a good channel on the Internet but it’s off YouTube or Vimeo. If you search for it, it takes minutes every time! But now you can organize all your Internet channels in one place effectively creating the first iPhone TV remote control: Revolver. Revolver is a patent applied for process that was originally conceived to combine chats from different Facebook groups with a unique architecture. But the ability to serve up numerous platforms in a convenient design means Revolver is also a 21st century TV remote control for your iPhone! And what is really cool is many other services now legally serve up content on the Internet so your choices for viewing can only get larger. Works with: Vimeo, YouTube, Periscope, Meerkat, Movieswap, Netflix, HBO, Xfinity, Directv. Any public or member based Internet platform that streams video!

But what if you don’t want to stand at cords length?

Revolver Ghost (Depiction)
Revolver Ghost (Depiction)

Enter Revolver Ghost, a second application that pairs any two Apple devices through a VCN client allowing users to sit down and relax by cutting the cord! With these innovations it is now possible to save a few minutes daily searching for every platform. If you watch a lot of video and movies, a few minutes a day adds up! At five minutes a day, by years end it is 30.41 hours. What would you do with over a day of your life back every year? Is over a day of your life worth 5 bucks? Good than please help us develop this great idea that we know we can bring to the world. Meet the boys:  

John, Larry and Vince
John, Larry and Vince

Vince Grupi founder, graduate of NYU Film and TV with background in vintage design and animation, Larry Kaplan business manager, master moderator and Rolex expert, Alfred Tu technical manager, advanced program design with emphasis on security, Zaf Basha code advisor, code writer on many government projects involving high security and another vintage watch nerd specializing in Jaeger LeCoultre, and Scott Fink, renowned Florida designer and musician, Scott plays every week with his band both at church and in the casino!  

Scott on guitar
Scott on guitar

How do we know each other? We all love watches! And we have been working together on watch deals for years. Can a bunch of geek misanthropes work together long enough to make this happen?  

Jorge, Larry, John, Isaac and Zaf
Jorge, Larry, John, Isaac and Zaf

Spend the 5 dollars and find out! And in 2017, save time with Revolver! 


Convenient gesture controls.

Username and password saved for each platform.

Convenient fly-overs with saved list for each sub-platform.

Unlimited number of platforms saved.

One remote control for every platform!

Chat Mode:

This is another unique feature of Revolver. By selecting Chat Mode, 2 chat windows open below your selected video platform.

Revolver Social (depiction)
Revolver Social (depiction)

Now you may select your chat platform and you will see all the comments on other platforms as well as yours in one window. I know, it’s magic! How can this be fun? Well imagine 5 chat platforms can chat in one window with Revolver creating the window. You may ask why not all just chat on Revolver? Because as in the case of Facebook groups, they all have their own flavor and Revolver doesn’t want to change that. But if you wanted to connect scores of groups for a charity or an auction, imagine the large difference in scale that Revolver enables. Finally you may ask how does Revolver join you to other chats automatically? Its simple, its unites all chat plaforms who have selected the same video platform address. You don’t join Revolver, it joins you! Here is where we started testing Revolver Auction on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/revolverauction 

Business plan:

Phase one: Kickstarter campaign raises fifty thousand dollars which triggers construction of Revolver Beta (without chat). In approximately nine months, delivery of beta app.

Phase two: Begin retail sale of Revolver Beta financing construction of Revolver Social, Revolver Ghost, and Revolver for Android. All early adopters of Revolver Beta will receive Revolver Social for free as an update.

What do we need this money for? Applying for patents are expensive. Initial costs of fifteen thousand dollars are typical. Then there’s five thousand for other legal work. Add to that twenty five thousand to create the application, five thousand for contingencies and five thousand for Kickstarter. We figure if we can clear at least fifty thousand dollars, we can make the application and begin selling it publicly, financing Revolver Ghost in the process.

To be very clear and upfront, the software has a patent applied for it however it has not been written yet. That is precisely what this Kickstarter is for, that and legal fees so nobody rips us off! And also about Revolver Ghost, the software for that has also not been written yet.


Revolver Social uses feeds to dynamically stream and connect platforms. Some of the typical user features: search, alerts, favorites, secure entry, payment and shipping options, display of platforms and sub-platforms saved, display of user names and passwords saved and display of chat platforms saved with on/off switch.

Revolver Ghost uses simple IP address and open port virtual network connections to search for and store as many Apple devices as you wish. Take a look at a demonstration video depiction:



Fractal User Screen Depiction
Fractal User Screen Depiction

The inspiration for the screen design is fractals. They can recall a large number of saves from a single page and store favorites strategically. Where did the inspiration for Revolver come from? The truth is because 9 years ago, I saw a fractal light in my house. I can’t explain it except to say on April 2nd, 2007 at around 5:30 PM I saw lights in my doorway floating and pulsing in symmetry. I told a few people and got the usual snide remarks but it inspired much writing and the pattern was never forgotten.  Revolver is simply based on that design of what I believe was living light, ever changing, and seemingly alive.

The Internet and its choices are only getting larger every day. Couldn’t you use a convenient hub to stream your favorite channels? Save time and support the only iPhone TV remote control that connects you to your friends, Revolver!

Enjoy the Spanish video version! https://vimeo.com/161285347

Risks and challenges

The advisors in our group have coordinated actual private industry and government enterprise software creation. I am sure with our budget we can finish phase one and mayby even begin rolling out the social features early. Scott also manages a team for a graphics company. I think the only issues may be two; first that we all have jobs so much of this work will be part time slowing it down slightly. And second that if it is really embraced by the public, we will have to scale up fast which is hard. We should all have this problem called success.

Contact Information:

Vincent Grupi

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