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Apr 7, 2016 7:47 AM ET

Archived: Motosync NZ – Hand Built Electric Motorcycles: Electric vehicles are set to transform how we think about energy and the way we travel

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 7, 2016

Motosync NZ – Hand Built Electric Motorcycles

by Motosync New Zealand


Electric Performance Motorbikes – built by hand in New Zealand. I need your support to fit a new battery pack to my motorcycle


About this project

My name is Sytse Tacoma, Director of Motosync NZ, and I have a dream:

Electric vehicles are set to transform how we think about energy and the way we travel. My goal is to build an electric motorcycle that will change the perception of electric vehicles through its performance and convenience. I plan to prove this by riding my electric motorcycle the full length of New Zealand.

After two years of work I have completed my first electric motorcycle. I started by using an existing Aprilla RS 250 rolling chassis and I installed a 65kW electric motor with a 6.5 kWhr lithium ion battery pack. The bike is road registered in New Zealand and has completed 1500km’s of road use. There are no oils, no coolants and no fossil fuels; just charge and ride.

At this stage Motosync has a working, legal electric motorcycle. The next big hurdle for the Motosync Motorcycle is to source and fit a new battery pack. In the time that I have built the bike the battery technology has advanced to the point where they have halved in size for a given capacity. Essentially in just one year I am stuck sitting on a Nokia 2280 where I could be on an Iphone 5s. The new battery pack will achieve the following

1. Increase the range from 120km’s to over 200km’s

2. Reduce the charge time from 3 hours to just 20 minutes

I have come this far and now I need your help to fit a new battery pack to my electric motorcycle to boost the range and reduce the charge time. 

With a new battery pack fitted I will be ready to for fill Motosync’s dream – to promote electric vehicles on the world stage by riding the full length of New Zealand.

The plan is to ride the motorcycle each day and stop at designated charging points in major cities and townships in New Zealand. Charging will take place on the main street, in the public eye, creating the opportunity to showcase the next generation of transport. During each charge I will be promoting electric vehicles and passing on my experiences from the build. To increase awareness of our journey I will also be using social media to keep our supporters up to date. The journey will take 3 weeks and will cover 2086km’s.

Electric vehicles are set to transform how we think about energy and the way we travel, if you think a smart phone has made life easier for you, wait until you get into an electric vehicle! If you see the future in electric that I see, then back this Kickstarter and let’s get more electric vehicles on the road!


Sytse Tacoma 

Risks and challenges

The risks associated with backing Motosync

1. What if he cannot not pull off fitting the new batteries to the motorcycle?

I designed and built all the components for the bike myself with the help of only a few dedicated friends. The batteries are a straight swap to the existing lithium ion batteries

2. What if Motosync encounters mechanical breakdowns during the New Zealand tour ?

I will not be riding the length of New Zealand alone. There will be a support vehicle and two other participants during the tour. The support vehicle will be used by the team to sleep, eat and carry spares for the motorcycle should it encounter mechanical issues.

Contact Information:

Motosync New Zealand

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