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Apr 6, 2016 10:46 AM ET

Archived: SLIDYPRO – AWESOME SLIDER FOR GOPRO: Create wonderful movies of your travels and favorite places with smooth moves

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2016

SlidyPro - Awesome Slider for GoPro

SlidyPro is a tool for GoPro cameras. Create wonderful movies of your travels and favorite places with smooth moves!

About this project

 Full HD Video

Vacations time!! Which camera should I take?

This question was the beginning of this project!

I started to prepare my trip and my thoughts started to flow: It will be a wonderful place, this time I need a better camera to take underwater photos! Photos are the best thing we can bring home on a trip to live it again later! Wait…why not a video? It seems much better! Yes, this time I will make a video! Well, same problem…which camera should I take?

That day, I saw amazing videos that were done with GoPro’s, that captured beautiful landscapes with a wide angle view, while some heroes are flying or are doing some tricks with their bikes. Well, the solution for my problem is to make a video of my vacations with a GoPro!

However, after watching videos on YouTube of personal travel reports that were done with a GoPro, I almost gave up. Although the picture quality was very good, the image was so shaky that I felt sick just by watching for a minute! Maybe it is better to shoot just photos! Then… the idea came!

A few years ago, I hired a professional team to make a video for my (other) company, and the result was great! The tricks: good illumination and the camera always in motion. They used a new thing for me: a slider (yes, I didn’t know what a slider was until then)! Ok, problem solved! What I need is a slider for GoPro to make my movies beautiful!

I started to search on the web to find a tripod mountable slider for GoPro! It didn’t exist?! How is that possible?! Well, maybe I can adapt a traditional slider to a GoPro. After some search… Bad ideia!…A traditional slider costs several hundreds of dollars… No way! I’m an Engineer! I will create the best slider ever that fits a traveller’s needs:

  • Easy to Transport
  • Easy to Use
  • Smooth Movements
  • Mountable on standard tripods
  • Works Underwater
  • Cheap

And…the SlidyPro was born!

Easy to Transport

SlidyPro was designed to fit inside a plane cabin suitcase. This way you can also transport the SlidyPro on low-cost flights. The length of SlidyPro is 0.53 meters.

Please check the following video:

Patent Pending Design

The SlidyPro mechanical design is completely new and patent registration was already asked (patent pending).

The SlidyPro had several evolutions until to reach the final design, where I did several optimizations to reduce friction and looseness, that was causing shaky images (on air and water). The final SlidyPro mechanical design, that you will not find on any other slider, is the key to achieve the same results of the traditional professional sliders (with cost more than £700 / $1000 / €920), because this design keeps the production costs affordable, with an extra advantage of underwater working.

SlidyPro goes underwater without any kind of oxidation or deterioration, because it is 100% built by high quality and very rigid plastic.

Why Kickstarter?

I have finished the design, so why don’t just sell the product right now? Because to keep the costs low I need to make a mass production.

Kickstarter is great for this step, because I only commit to backers on a SlidyPro reward if the project is funded (that means: reach the minimal amount of money to create a mass production)! And the backers know that if the project is not funded, they get their money back.

Tips and Community

On the SlidyPro video I used some techniques like moving the GoPro camera from a tree to open view, or from air to water. However, I expect that you will find out many other ways to use the SlidyPro to create fantastic videos! We will create a channel where everyone (ourselves included) can share their SlidyMovies with the community so we can learn with each other new techniques and be delighted with great movies!


All GoPro cameras!

Standard photo camera tripods (One screw 1/4”)


Hope you join us!

I hope you share my passion for SlidyMovies and be one of the first people in the world with a SlidyPro.

Please help us sharing SlidyPro project with your friends!

Risks and challenges

Two Months should be enough for mass production and start shipping, however, there may be a short delay if the number of supporters is very high. Shipment will be done in a first come first served basis. So, if you like this project do not wait to get on the line!

Contact Information:

Nelson Ramos

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