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Apr 6, 2016 9:12 AM ET

Archived: SkinPro – Producing the world’s most effective anti-aging products

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 6, 2016


Producing the world’s most effective anti-aging products


Driven by research-backed science, SkinPro works with scientists to continually reformulate our products, ensuring that we consistently utilize the latest scientific breakthroughs to create products that not only do what they say they’ll do, but do it better than any other product on the market.  In the $121 billion global skin care market, that’s the difference that will push SkinPro to the front of the pack.


If you pay attention to the cosmetic commercials, you might think that every skin care problem has already been solved.


In fact, you’d be forgiven for thinking that skin care companies have discovered the Fountain of Youth itself.


Truth is, most skin care companies make a never-ending stream of claims and promises.


But using their products is another story.

Open the jar, apply daily, and in two weeks, the only difference you’ll notice is your disappointment.

Why? Because most skin care companies spend more money on their marketing departments than on their research departments.


Not SkinPro. We use real science to inform every last drop of our products.

And it’s truly a difference you can see.


Elite Serum Rx (EliteSerum.com)

Our flagship product, Elite Serum Rx is the one that started it all. Our staff designed Elite Serum using a proprietary anti-aging peptide formula developed by scientist Irwin Grams, using ingredients sourced from the US, France, Germany and Switzerland.


The result is a serum that reduces the appearance of dark circles and crow’s feet, puffiness and fine lines around the eyes. Just a few uses of Elite Serum will improve the tone, elasticity and firmness of your skin. The youthful glow of great skin is just a few dabs away.

We frequently re-formulate our Elite Serum to ensure that it remains the most powerful eye serum on the market. Just recently, we added Syn®-TC from Pentapharm, a synthetic peptide-based complex that boosts the production of Collagen I, III, IV, VII and XVII for clearer, more beautiful skin.

Delfogo (www.Delfogo.com)

Delfogo is packed with medical grade skin and anti-aging technology formulated with research partners all over the globe. Useful for every type of skin and tone, and for both men and women, Delfogo uses the highest concentration of cosmeceutical peptides and new advances in marine microbiology, stem cell technology and Human Growth Factors. Delfogo transforms skin, making it stronger, healthier, more beautiful.

Bellapulse (www.Bellapulse.com)

A breakthrough in skin care, Bellapulse is a sonic dermabrasion device that cleanses the epidermal layer of the face with advanced oscillating technology, using high frequency pulsar cleansing technology to remove cell debris. After a few uses of the Bellapulse, fine lines and wrinkles are a thing of the past, and pore size is dramatically reduced.


Bellapulse also perfectly complements our skin care line. By deep cleaning the skin, Bellapulse thoroughly primes the skin to absorb our skin care products more thoroughly, maximizing their effectiveness.


Gentle enough to use as part of a daily cleansing routine, Bellapulse’s patent-pending technology uses two levels of intensity: an exfoliating brush for deep, penetrating cleansing and a cleansing brush for a gentle cleansing.

DNA Serum (www.DnaSerum.com)

Our newest product, DNA Serum uses a cutting-edge anti-wrinkle peptide derived from the venom of the Temple Viper. Results are nearly instantaneous: expression lines fade away, leaving nothing but smooth, glowing skin.

One of DNA Serums’ key ingredients, the revolutionary Syn®-Ake tripeptide, has been called Botox without the needle. It actively targets the neuromuscular activity that causes wrinkles, so wrinkles don’t stand a chance.

EliteInstant (EliteInstant.com)

10 minutes to reduce wrinkles by up to 54 percent sounds too good to be true, but that’s precisely what EliteInstant delivers. And that’s not our claim- those are the results of a clinical trial. Elite Serum Instant is the easiest, fastest way to eliminate wrinkles. No pain. No recovery periods. Just fast, visible results.

Delfogo Vitamin C Serum (delfogo.com/vitaminc)

Vitamin C has long been used to fight the signs of aging, but when it’s opened, vitamin C tends to crystallize, so it could never be sold in high concentrations. Our cosmetic pharmacist finally cracked the crystallization code, allowing us to create a remarkable 22 percent Vitamin C serum that protects skin like nothing else.


SkinPro is unlike any other skin care line on the market: cosmetic pharmacists work tirelessly to ensure the efficacy of every ingredient, testing and retesting combination after combination to find the precise formula that produces the most amazing results.

And our science-based approach has produced incredible results. Just listen to what some of our user are saying on Amazon:

“After five years of trying products, I had never seen the improvement around my eyes that I have had with Elite Serum Rx.” ~ Wendy


“All the products I have tried just sit underneath my bathroom sink practically wasting away. They all had little to no results at all. I have been using the Elite Serum for a few months now and I have seen more improvement than I had thought would be possible.” ~ Taylor


“Best Eye Serum with Argireline Elite Serum Rx does exactly as it says it will. I felt younger the very first use.” ~ Jenny

“I can literally feel my skin getting firmer. I apply it once in the morning and once before bed. I like that it doesn’t leave my skin feeling greasy or oily (my skin tends to be a bit on the oily side already). It feels dry and smooth after application. I really do love it.” ~ Carrie

New Products

SkinPro has created the best anti-aging product lineup on the market… but we’re not stopping there. We’re also developing several more SkinPro products, including an entire skin care regimen!

SkinPro Intellectual Property

  • Delfogo.com and 1-888-DELFOGO (28 products total)
  • USPTO Registered Trademark for Delfogo
  • Bellapulse.com
  • USPTO Registered Trademark for Bellapulse
  • Two USPTO Registered Trademarks for “SkinPro”

We’ve also been extremely successful with two web-based campaigns. Delfogo.com/freetrial has generated tens of thousands of sales, and skincaregiveaways.com is a revolutionary advertising concept we pioneered that generates significant cash flow at virtually no expense, with massive potential for scaling.





Our tens of thousands of customers have bought our products exclusively online, and while we’re excited about the opportunity to grow online, we’re also readying an exciting new retail package.

As of last week the retail display, brochures for retailers and new packaging is in our warehouse and at a super low cost due to our leverage of using trusted Chinese printers. We pay about 1/3  of the cost of domestic printing and packaging.

That’s right- SkinPro will soon be available in spas, doctor’s offices, salons and health and beauty stores, giving millions of new customers access to the revolutionary SkinPro line.

Ready to hear more about the SkinPro opportunity? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out how we plan to make SkinPro the world’s leading skin care company!


Foregoing a career as an IT consultant with Accenture, Tim spent years as a digital marketing consultant  before starting his own Marketing company. He spent several years in Costa Rica operating as a marketing consultant for various real estate projects and upon completion  returned to South Florida to start a disruptive anti-aging company, SkinPro.

Tim’s been featured in Inc. Magazine, is a member of the Young Entrepreneur Council and a regular speaker at internet marketing events, contributing to the Huffington Post, Social Media Today, and many other outlets in his spare time.

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