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Vasiljevs, who took up skating when he was three or four, says it was just coincidence that he got into the sport.

“My parents wanted me to swim as I often fell sick and I had to become stronger,” he explained. “I went just to improve my health, but they didn’t take me in swimming, because I was too small.”

Opposite the pool, however, was an ice rink. Vasiljevs’ first memory of skating is collecting chestnuts on the ice.

“They taught me skating through my love for chestnuts,” recalled Vasiljevs, laughing. “My mom went along the boards and threw chestnuts for me on the ice and I picked them up, crawling on the ice on the knees and on all fours.”

From collecting chestnuts, he progressed quickly to become a promising skater and now no treats are needed to lure him on to the ice.

The two-time Latvian Junior champion easily connects with the audience and stands out as a real entertainer on the ice—a rare quality for a skater of his age. When talking to Vasiljevs, you realize quickly that he has an appealing and interesting personality off the ice as well. Other young skaters are often shy when they have to perform in front of judges and an audience however, this is not the case with Vasiljevs.

“In general, when I go out to compete, I try not to think about anything,” he explained. “I just think about what comes to my mind in that moment, like a book or a movie. Then when I start to skate, everything has been finalized and I just think about the elements one after the next.”

Working with coaches Alexei Urmanov, Ingrida Snieškienė, and Benoit Richaud this strategy has been a recipe for success. Vasiljevs’ performances continue to improve and are getting him closer to the podium finishes he is after. To date, some of Vasiljevs’ finishes:

TBD – World Figure Skating Championships 2016 (March 28th-April 3rd, Boston, USA)
8th place – ISU World Junior Championships 2016
12th place – ISU European Championship 2016
2nd place – Youth Olympic Games Lillehammer 2016
7th place in free skate 2015 ISU World Junior Championships
1st Place- Latvian National Championship 2015
2nd place – Junior Grand Prix 2015
2nd place – ISU Junior Grand Prix Riga Cup 2015
World standing – 8th of this season, World Ranking 40th

Deniss Vasilijevs is already looking ahead and needs for your help with his Pursu.it to train and qualify for the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea. Below is a breakdown of costs Vasiljevs will need to raise to compete next year:

Practices, travel expenses for 3 month in Sotchi € 4000
Practices, travel expenses for 3 month in Paris (Fra) € 5000
Summer season Paris and Sotchi € 8000
Personal training € 60/hour twice per week € 5760
Ballet: €60/hour: 1 hour/week: per year € 2880
Choreography: short & long programs € 4000
Therapy/Massage as needed $65/Hour


Sharpening: € 20/sharpening, every 6 weeks: €320
Practice clothes: € 400
Costumes: for short & long program € 2000
Ice time: € 500/month in Paris and €300 in Sotchi € 4800
Competitions: coaches travel expenses € 4000

For your generous support, you will not walk away without a personal thank you and wonderful giveback. Please share this story and help Deniss Vasilijevs compete at the World Championships. Thank you!

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