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Apr 5, 2016 12:00 PM ET

Archived: The Ultimate BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush: Grillinator is the world’s first BBQ grill brush that doesn’t completely suck

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 5, 2016

The Ultimate BBQ Grill Cleaning Brush

by The Boys at Grillin’ and Chillin’

Grillinator is the world’s first BBQ grill brush that doesn’t completely suck. Pre-order yours today.

About this project

IT’S A SAD TRUTH: 99% Of Ordinary Grill Brushes Completely Suck In One Or More Ways…

Regular grill brushes suffer from some combination of three unforgivable qualities….

#1 – They either shed dangerous metal bristles
#2 – Are completely worthless at their primary function of cleaning the grill
#3 – Or they break down and get tossed away after a couple uses

See your brush in here anywhere?
See your brush in here anywhere?

INTRODUCING GRILLINATOR: The first brush to squash all three unforgivable qualities with absolute authority. Here’s how we do it…




Here at Grillinator, we source and sell high quality BBQ grilling accessories. Grill brushes are the #1 product in the category, so it only makes sense we need a grill brush to be a part of our product line.

Unfortunately upon due diligence in the summer of 2014, we realized there is a major liability aspect to selling grill brushes due to the risk of bristles coming loose, getting stuck in your food and moving on to your stomach. We didn’t want any part of that.

Going beyond the safety aspect, we’re also committed to selling products that don’t suck. Unfortunately, every ounce of our combined grilling expertise told us that every grill brush sucks in one way or another. Just to be sure, we purchased and tested every brush on the market… and yep, they all had at least one major flaw. Here is what we found…


Pros: The good ones clean decently well.
Cons: Testing showed highest risk of bristle balding.
Conclusion: We’re branded as the Grillin’ & Chillin’ boys and since there isn’t much chillin’ to be had in the ER, we crossed these off our list.


Pros: Bristles are virtually impossible to yank out with high quality brands.
Cons: Cleans in-between your grill grate, or on top… but not both.
Conclusion: Buy quality brands in both styles to get the job done safely.


Pros: Hard to miss these bristles even if they do fall out.
Cons: Just doesn’t get the job done.
Conclusion: If you need a brush to clean dishes, this is perfect.

Wood & Metal Scrapers:

Pros: Cleans top of your grill grate really well.
Cons: Doesn’t clean in-between grill grate at all.
Conclusion: Must be combined with another brush to get the job done.

A Long Story Short…

The only way we found to safely & effectively clean a grill with current off the shelf products is to buy multiple styles of grill brushes which is both expensive and time consuming. We really wanted to find a grill brush to sell, but just couldn’t find anything worthy of the Grillinator name, so we decided to build one from scratch.

Almost exactly a year ago, 3/26/15 to be exact, we ponied up a large R&D fee and got the process started. Since that time, we’ve gone through more than a half dozen prototypes. We’ve also made a few more R&D payments than we expected. It’s all been worth it. We have a product we’re proud of that outperforms anything on the market.

With your help in backing our campaign, we can turn our final prototype into a mass production reality. We’re confident the Grillinator will be the last BBQ grill brush you’ll ever own.

Meet The Boys at Grillin’ and Chillin’…

We are friends. We are family. We are business partners. We LOVE to grill and we LOVE to chill. We’ve known each other for years and have been working together as long. Our passion for some great BBQ, fun times and family brought us together and spawned the development of the Grillinator Brand of BBQ Tools, Gadgets and Products that you can only get from The Boys at Grillin’ and Chillin’.

We’ve been working together on this project for more than a year from across many miles and are so excited to see the creation of the Grillinator Grill brush become a reality and help take the BBQ experience to the next level.

Shawn holds down the fort in Missouri. Damien is the true blue Texan born and bred and Brad is from Michigan but got to Texas as fast as he could. We’re here to have fun, share our passion with the world and offer people first class products and an unmatched customer experience.

We are so thrilled you stopped by to check us out and we can’t wait to have you on board!!!

Risks and challenges

This isn’t the first product we’ve designed and sourced. It is first one we’ve needed some help to achieve a decent economy of scale on the production. This is due to the Grillinator’s higher level of R&D, many more rounds of prototyping than expected, custom molding, tooling and quality of raw materials needed for a production run. All of this we’ve already paid for, we just need an initial boost to make sure we hit a production run quantity that allows us to price the units properly.

The only major challenge we see is achieving a consistent level of quality during our first production run. Our last round of prototyping produced an extremely high quality shaft and handle which is what you see in the pics and video. Unfortunately we had 2 out of 12 brush heads where the spindles were not sunk into the base at the proper depth so they wiggled out after some durability testing. I’ve been in touch with the manufacturer and they are implementing a quality check in the manufacturing process specifically to check for the depth. They are also going to make the base thicker so every spindle will be more secure regardless of depth.

Contact Information:

The Boys at Grillin’ and Chillin’

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