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Apr 5, 2016 8:01 AM ET


iCrowdNewswire - Apr 5, 2016


SlidyPro - Awesome Slider for GoPro

Vacations time!! Which camera should I take?

This question was the beginning of this project!

I started to prepare my trip and my thoughts started to flow: It will be a wonderful place, this time I need a better camera to take underwater photos! Photos are the best thing we can bring home on a trip to live it again later! Wait…why not a video? It seems much better! Yes, this time I will make a video! Well, same problem…which camera should I take?

That day, I saw amazing videos that were done with GoPro’s, that captured beautiful landscapes with a wide angle view, while some heroes are flying or are doing some tricks with their bikes. Well, the solution for my problem is to make a video of my vacations with a GoPro!

However, after watching videos on YouTube of personal travel reports that were done with a GoPro, I almost gave up. Although the picture quality was very good, the image was so shaky that I felt sick just by watching for a minute! Maybe it is better to shoot just photos! Then… the idea came!

A few years ago, I hired a professional team to make a video for my (other) company, and the result was great! The tricks: good illumination and the camera always in motion. They used a new thing for me: a slider (yes, I didn’t know what a slider was until then)! Ok, problem solved! What I need is a slider for GoPro to make my movies beautiful!

I started to search on the web to find a tripod mountable slider for GoPro! It didn’t exist?! How is that possible?! Well, maybe I can adapt a traditional slider to a GoPro. After some search… Bad ideia!…A traditional slider costs several hundreds of dollars… No way! I’m an Engineer! I will create the best slider ever that fits a traveller’s needs:

  • Easy to Transport 
  • Easy to Use 
  • Smooth Movements 
  • Mountable on standard tripods 
  • Works Underwater 
  • Cheap 

And…the SlidyPro was born!

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