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Apr 5, 2016 10:18 AM ET

Archived: Saving A Water Disaster In S.E.A: Community Resilience – Delivering Clean Water to Communities in South East Asia

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 5, 2016

Saving a Water Disaster in S.E.A

By Ko Tze Yung

The story of the project

About this Campaign- Community Resilience: Delivering Clean Water to Communities in South East Asia

Every year, millions of people get infected by waterborne diseases when increasingly frequent natural disasters strike vulnerable communities. These are caused by ingesting or coming into contact with infected or contaminated water sources, especially rampant in rural communities in developing countries. South-East Asia (especially the Philippines) has experienced up to 20 typhoons in recent years. Due to bureaucratic inefficiencies, cultural complexities and slow distribution channels, it has been difficult to deliver relief supplies to disaster-stricken areas quickly.

Efficient provision and distribution of disaster relief supplies during emergencies is the key to drastically reducing the spread of waterborne diseases. With the endorsement of the Singapore Embassy in Jakarta and The GoodWater Company, I am campaigning to raise capital for 1,000 simple to use water purification bottles (Total cost: $19,000) to be deployed via the ERP. The ERP facilitates last-mile distribution to needy communities via strong distribution partners such as the Singapore Red Cross.

About the Emergency Readiness Programme

The programme does three things:
1) Stockpile ‘simple to use’ water purification bottles and other equipment, made ready for quick deployment during natural disaster events

2) Pre-establish functioning distribution channels through strategic partnerships with different Red Cross Society entities locally. This includes the removal of custom duties & other bureaucratic barriers

3) Expands geographic coverage to include as many high-risk areas as possible

While there are other types of solutions (i.e. solar lamps & medical supplies) that are also needed in disaster-stricken areas, I would like this campaign to be about supporting the effective provision of clean water to at-risk communities. The target of S$19,000 translates to the equivalent provision of 200,000 water man-days (number of days’ worth of clean drinking water).

GoodWater Purification Bottle

*Water Man-Days: Number of days’ worth of clean drinking water

No. of water man-days = (No. of bottles * Lifespan) / Daily drinking consumption

(Based on a 2L daily consumption & a lifespan of 400L/bottle, 1 bottle provides approximately 200 water man-days, i.e. 200 days’ worth of clean drinking water)

Coming together to create an impact
When we work together with NGOs and communities, we unite for a common purpose to close the visible gaps in the emergency response process. This enables a multiplier effect that accomplishes much more from existing systems. The Emergency Readiness Programme is a platform that brings together innovative technologies, NGOs and people globally to provide swift and effective emergency response to communities stricken by natural disasters.

Imagine more than 300 families gaining access to clean water within 3 days of a disaster occurring. Pretty impactful right?

How the funds will be used

100% of the funds raised during this crowd funding campaign will be used to fund the purification bottles in the Emergency Readiness Programme – less any transactional cost charged by Pozible. Any funds raised above the target will also be pledged to the Emergency Readiness Programme.

A bit about myself

My name is Tze Yung and I have been fortunate enough to have traveled to many developing countries in South-East Asia with big MNCs as a natural gas professional over the past 10 years. I live in Singapore and cannot help but notice the suffering and inefficiencies caused by complex political systems in developing countries that have crippled some of the emergency response systems. While people tend to be eager to support less fortunate communities during a natural disaster, there is often little to nothing implemented that has a quick and significant impact.

The GoodWater Company (a Singapore SME & Social Enterprise) has in place an Emergency Readiness Programme (ERP). I believe the ERP can provide an effective platform that is beneficial to all stakeholders in preparation for times of emergencies.

About GoodWater Company

The GoodWater Company is a solutions integrator that offers social-environmental services and innovations that focus on bottom of pyramid communities in developing countries. As a social enterprise, the company creates value through the provision of innovative solutions and services that are meaningful, affordable and energy efficient to empower people.

This integrated platform, backed up by 2 Centres of Excellence (Singapore & Indonesia), strives to strategically boost the capabilities and capacities of organisations to bring about effective last mile distribution to communities in developing countries, thereby creating social impact.

For more information:
Should you wish to purchase purification bottles directly from The GoodWater Company for any other purposes, please visit them at www.egoodwater.com for direct enquiries/purchases. There are also numerous other social-environmental products on sale.

About Singapore Red Cross Society

The Singapore Red Cross is dedicated to relieving human suffering, protecting human lives and dignity and responding to emergencies. The Singapore Red Cross goes beyond our shores to help communities recover from natural disasters and builds resilience through training and capacity building activities.
Contact Information:

Ko Tze Yung

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