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Apr 4, 2016 3:44 PM ET

Archived: FitCare USA – A completed, tailored medical mobile app backed by years of research

iCrowdNewswire - Apr 4, 2016

FitCare USA

A completed, tailored medical mobile app backed by years of research


FitCare Anywhere is a medical mobile app backed by years of strenuous testing that gives anyone the ability to perform self-care while they develop new, fun and healthy lifestyle habits. Developed with independent study designed in collaboration with the Professor and Chief of Vascular Surgery at Yale New Haven Medical Center. FitCare Anywhere is proven to lower body mass, body fat, weight and blood pressure. It’s fun, it’s fast, and most importantly, it works.



Fitbit. Jawbone. Google Fit. Apple Health.

Everywhere you look, there’s a new fitness app, a new wearable, a new way to track your health and push your limits. But every one of them are geared towards the already healthy. What about those struggling to get healthy? What are the options?

You could join a gym, but you may face the same obstacles wearables present: they seem to cater to the already healthy, leaving you feeling overwhelmed by the equipment, unsure of what to do and feeling out of place.

You could try a crash diet. There are millions of them, after all. But there are millions of them for a reason: they don’t work. Most are so ineffective you actually gain more weight.

Or you could try a bariatric procedure and hope that the weight stays off after the first year.

These are not enticing options. But if you’re struggled with health and weight loss, you know the struggle each one presents.


FitCare Anywhere started as a structured program developed over two years working with doctors experienced in chronic disease and obesity treatment and prevention.


FitCare Anywhere isn’t a fad. It’s medical science.

We transformed that program into a digital protocol that became the foundation of the FitCare Anywhere app.

Real Data, Real Results

The app collects real, valuable medical data and compares it to environmental factors to outline a treatment plan that’s tailored to your medical needs.

…and then we create your plan to help you engage in an active lifestyle that fits within your physical and emotional boundaries.

What does that mean? Let’s say you live in Montana and like to snowboard. Snowboarding can be a tremendously healthful activity, and since it’s something you like to do, we can integrate that into your physical regimen.

It’s a medically sound fitness regimen designed entirely for you.

It Works

In the FitCare pilot program, 200 patients all achieved health improvements in all key medical risk factors, reducing:

When you get rid of the fads and rely solely on medical science, you get results. Now we’re putting the power of that medical science in your pocket.


When you launch the FitCare Anywhere app on your PC or your phone, you’ll securely load your medical info into the app by completing an assessment.

Our team of medical professionals will then customize a proven program to your needs, and the app will walk you through each activity step-by-step.


Real Guidance

You’ll have access to coaching right in the app to help you with technique, speed and intensity for each movement. Whether you’re doing yoga, biking, at the gym, or even gardening, you’re always connected to a coach that will help you get the most healthful benefits from any activity.

Wearables Support

Always wanted to get in on the Fitbit action but were afraid to try? These devices can provide crucial medical data, so we’re baking in support for most major wearable platforms like Jawbone and Fitbit.

With wearables tracking your workouts, you’ll get access to new levels of customization based on your heart rate, glucose levels and blood pressure. It’ll even help you earn when to step up your intensity and when to ease off a bit.

Access to our Team of Professionals

With FitCare Anywhere, you’ll never again face your medical challenges alone. If you need to shift your plan, our optional Care Plan allows you to tweak the program based on your feedback.

And if you ever need to speak with someone—a doctor, a nurse, a trainer—consultations are available with live video support, right on your phone. Whether you’re wondering about your technique, want to talk with someone about your goals or just need some support, the whole team is at your disposal. Just select a time, schedule it, and talk to us.

Fun and Social

Getting healthy doesn’t have to be boring. We’ve taken some cues from the apps you love to use and integrated some social aspects and gaming to make using FitCare a blast. Compare your progress with your friends and family, compete to win prizes and take the journey together.

Fitness that Moves with You

FitCare Anywhere is more than an app- it’s an entire ecosystem of medical science in your hands, the result of the brightest minds in medical science coming together to create the power to achieve the health goals you never thought possible. And it’s all in your pocket.


The key to transitioning FitCare from protocol to digital platform will be our partners. We have relationships with a number of non-profit organizations and large medical practices, relationships carried over from our brick-and-mortar clinic.

Our plan is to augment our virtual service with brick-and-mortar check-in clinics, using existing medical practices as partners and training those practices in the FitCare method to provide a complete support structure for patients.

Want to hear more? Click the “business profile” tab at the top of this page to find out how FitCare is going to change the health industry forever.


George’s career in technology spans more than 25 years in investment banking, telecommunications and the healthcare field. He’s implemented some of those industries’ most progressive system solutions. He’s led a project to design and implemented a global equity derivatives trading system for a major US bank, headed a project for the Operations Division of a broker-dealer during a clearance and settlement back-office conversion and chaired a design committee for the statements and confirm projects for a US broker-dealer. He also served as a member of a senior research and development group that provided solutions to the federal government, and as lead project manager for one of the largest government contracts ever awarded for the automation of the US Treasury system.

Conor has more than 18 years of experience in technology, including in software development, project management, strategic consulting and operational management. His career includes 11 years in media while designing and implementing compliance and controls organization in preparation for IPO.

Dr. Farber is a board certified internal medicine specialist with over 16 years of clinical experience and is currently licensed to practice in NY and NJ.  In 2000, he developed the Executive Health program at Hackensack University Medical Center and has remained the medical director since that time.  He has been the team physician for Brooklyn NETS professional basketball since 2000, NY Red Bulls professional soccer since 2007, NJ Devils since 2013 and NY Islanders since 2015. He has been a physician advisor for hospital utilization review, a speaker at major medical conferences, a consultant for numerous pending disability disputes, an advisor to corporations for medical affairs, and an expert witness in high profile criminal cases.

Contact Information:

George Villaneuva, CEO
Conor Healy, CTO
Michael Farber, CMO

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