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Mar 28, 2016 12:51 PM ET

Archived: BomBoard: Revolutionary Personal Watercraft With Innovative Direct-to-Consumer Business Model

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 28, 2016


The days of dreaming about owning a personal watercraft are a thing of the past. Everyone can get on board with BomBoard!

Previous constraints, which included storage-limited geographic locations, difficulty in transporting, and high price points, have been removed by making our consumer-friendly BomBoards split into 4 modules to make them fit in a back of car and store in tight spaces.

As awesome as the BomBoard is, our direct-to-consumer model is equally as revolutionary. We will start with the flagship product before transitioning into our future offerings – much like e-commerce platforms have done in a number of categories.

Investors are already on board and pre-sales have been made; it’s time for you to jump on for a life-changing BomBoard ride!

If a picture is worth a thousand words, this video is worth several thousand.

Anyone that has ridden a personal watercraft (PWC), knows the uninhibited joy they bring. The thrill of being out on the open water combined with speed, maneuverability, and individuality, has caused many a rider to lose themselves in the fun and not return for hours. Boats are great in their own right and ideal for group outings; but on a PWC, it’s all about you.

Around 10 million Americans enjoy riding Sea-Doos, WaveRunners, Jet Skis, and other PWCs each year. A huge number, no doubt – but one that should be much bigger. Sadly enough, a large group of folks is missing out on the wave-bombing excitement for simple logistical reasons. Most PWCs weigh over 800 pounds, making them difficult to haul and requiring a significant amount of storage space – which is limited in larger cities. And with most waterways being close to these larger cities, the waters are staying calm due to these limited capabilities.

There are currently no suitable options in the PWC market for this environment, either due to the aforementioned logistical issues or the exceedingly high price points (avg. of over $10,000). Furthermore, with current PWC players walking away from the lower-priced, youth, and stand-up riding markets, an awesome opportunity exists. It’s time to surge ahead.

Urban waterways are everywhere, waiting for fast and furious action – but the people living by them can’t get in. Until now.

BomBoards are small, lightweight, yet high-performance personal watercraft designed to be ridden anywhere and everywhere – regardless of geographical limitations. Their award-winning, patented modular design makes them truly portable and allows for quick and easy storage – regardless of how much space you have.

The best part of all? BomBoards are incredibly affordable – with a price point of $3,995 it is at minimum, $2,500 below any semi-comparable PWC solution. Picture yourself on the open water, darting ahead with a pull of the throttle or pulling off a daring maneuver with a shift of your weight. It’s all possible – and for everyone – with the BomBoard!

Our game-changing vessels are powered by single cylinder, EFI controlled 4-stroke, 450cc engines that produce 45hp. Top speeds reach 45 mph, though it feels a lot faster because you’re just inches above the water. The thrill factor is what draws many people into the world of PWCs – but the BomBoard is far from a one-trick pony. Check out more unique features we’re proud to bring to adrenaline junkies:

Traditional PWC options come in at around 800 pounds. Ours weighs only 165. This incredibly light weight makes the rider “one” with the BomBoard, giving them full control and using simple body movements to carve out turns – like you would on a wakeboard!

The BomBoard is proud to be the world’s only patented, modular PWC. The four small, lightweight modules fit in the trunks and back seats of most cars, and can be stored easily around the house. With assembly and disassembly taking only about 60 seconds, get ready for some spontaneous adventures!

Once a dream for many, PWC ownership is now a reality with the BomBoard. Our unique factory direct model allows us to pass on savings and offer it for only $3,995.

The BomBoard is significantly more fuel-friendly than the other guys. Riders can have hours of fun for a $5 bill – that’s 25% of what the average PWC will run you.

Get your thrills any way you want. Whether standing, sitting or kneeling, it stays at a consistent top speed of 45 mph.

Age, skill level, or physical limitations are no issue for BomBoarders.  Our BomBoard was designed to give the rider full control, regardless of what they’re seeking.

BomBoard fever is catching on quickly! As we sit at the precipice of official market launch, the number of people anxious to cut up the waterways is growing by the day. And after week upon week of hard work by many, we’re finally set up to receive them. Here are a few of our proudest accomplishments along the way:

Prototype ready. The working version of the BomBoard is ready for production. We’ve made videos available that show its awesome performance firsthand. We just need to get professional tooling to bring it to life visually.

The sales figures are already there. Early-adopter BomBoarders are excited, to the tune of $88,250 in pre-sales raised in a crowdfunding campaign, where we finished in the top 2% of funded campaigns.

IP protection secured. The tech is all ours. We have 3 issued patents, 10 international pending patents (US secured already), and a provisional patent being converted to a PCT application. We own the BomBoard trademark in major geographies and have a range of “Bom” related URLs.

The model is set. Hundreds of potential BomMasters (our brand ambassadors and re-sellers) have expressed interest in joining our team. The supply chain is also covered, with a number of component manufacturers and assemblers lined up to ensure optimum quality.

The press knows about us. PWC Today, Pro Rider Magazine, MAXIM, and Gizmag are just a few of the media sources with awesome things to say about the BomBoard.

NASA is on board. We won the prestigious 2015 NASA Tech Brief award for consumer product of the future. Now that NASA found water on Mars, we are looking forward to going on space missions.

Looking ahead, we’re laser-focused on bringing the BomBoard to the masses. After one final round of engineering and testing, we’ll give the thumbs up for an ultimate production run before letting our marketing machine work and shipping out products. We’ve got supplementary and alternative products in our minds already, but won’t move forward with them until BomBoards have saturated the market. Let us know if you want to hear about them!

The BomBoard was birthed from an undying love for the water. Even as a child, our founder was drawn to any waterway he could find – often taking him to Lake Michigan near his hometown of Chicago. As he got older, this love blossomed into a passion for watersports; especially when engines were involved. An unsuccessful attempt to retire after selling his second company to Boeing brought our inventor to this outstanding market opportunity – and eventually led to the creation of the BomBoard.

John West, CEO/Founder and Captain

After serving as an officer in the Marines in Vietnam, our visionary turned to a lifeof serial entrepreneurship. He got his start as CEO of Numeridex, a tech company that introduced the first microprocessor based numerical control programming terminal. After taking them to $28 million, he moved on and founded Cimlinc where he created yet another breakthrough innovation; the world’s first engineering workstation. John grew Cimlinc to $35 million in sales and 280 employees as CEO and Chairman before selling it to Boeing.  He brings this impressive experience to BomBoard as the day-to-day leader and strategic vision creator.

Anders Stubkjaer, COO/CFO

John’s right-hand man has valuable executive experience in powersports.  Most recently, he served as COO/CFO of S&S Cycle – growing them by 40% over just 3 years.  He’s also worked in two management consulting firms, with clients ranging in size from $50 million to $3 billion.  For us, Anders is in charge of all things financial and operational.



Dr. Britt Cobb, Director of Powertrain Integration and Development

Britt is a seasoned, award-winning engineer with a number of patented engine innovations under his belt. Britt founded Cobb Design in 2004, a small-engine technology firm, where he’s worked with an impressive client list that includes Porsche, GM, Ford, Polaris, and many others. The expertise he brings is a huge asset in ensuring the BomBoard’s peak performance.

Mike Cubberly, Director of Marketing

Mike is a social media and content marketing maven with corporate experience across a wide range of industries. It doesn’t hurt that he’s also an extreme sports fanatic with a past in the semi-pro BMX world! He’ll be responsible for growing the BomBoard brand, and utilizing creative tactics to bring it to market.

Beatrice Davis, Branding & Media Relations

Beatrice currently heads up her own media company, Sassy B Worldwide Productions. Her extensive branding, social media, and event planning skills have allowed her to build relationships with a number of celebrities, including Will Smith and Elton John. This networking prowess gives BomBoard a big leg up in branding.

The BomBoard Crew is backed by an expert Board of Advisors that includes the following three members: John Olin, SVP and CFO of Harley-Davidson; Tom Schubert, seasoned medical supplies CEO and investor; and Patrick Snyder, Executive Director of the USASBE.

Contact Information:

John West
Anders Stubkjaer
Dr. Britt Cobb

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