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Archived: Help dog rescues by helping me: We help rescues whose mission is to free dogs from the euthanasia list of high kill shelters throughout the US by sharing in some of our sales

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The bottom line is this, 30% of all dog treat revenues go to support a different deserving dog rescue in the US each and every month.  By funding me, you’re helping create a platform for significant contributions to dog rescues.  This isn’t about creating the next and greatest headphones,   cupcakes, or smartphone.  It’s about helping animals that often don’t get second chances.

We help rescues whose mission is to free dogs from the euthanasia list of high kill shelters throughout the US by sharing in some of our sales.  Hopefully, this leads to these dogs adoption and finding them new loving forever homes.  Each and every month we sponsor a new rescue.

I’ve recently been blessed and realized a life long dream of owning my own dog-treat and daycare center.   It’s a very special place for me.  I have a full service dog boutique that offers homemade dog treats, dog grooming, and dog daycare for our customers. 

Since starting the shop, I’ve become close and quite familiar with the local dog rescues and dog pound.  I’ve also come to realize what an uphill battle they face everyday.  They are underfunded, short staffed and often lose more battles than they win.  They need help!

I’ve decided that in my own small way I can make a difference by donating a portion of my revenue from the sale of dog treats to a different rescue that needs help each and every month.  My goal is to increase this to 30 percent of revenue.

In order for me to take this to a level where it can truly help these organizations, I have to increase my production capacity and introduce efficiencies that allow me to produce more at lower costs.  That means I need the proper equipment and buying power to get more product out the door faster.

Monies will allow me to  install rack ovens, commercial high capacity floor mixers, etc.  Items like this aren’t cheap.  Even used.  This helps me produce quantities of product that can make a significant contribution to these rescues.

With the help of animal lovers like you, we together can help ease the burden of rescues and shelters throughout the US.  We’re also planning to use packaging that spreads the word about the benefits of adoption and work to end the senseless euthanasia of homeless pets nationwide.

Did you know that one in four shelter dogs are purebred? Or that most animals in shelters are victims of circumstance, there only because of “people problems” like divorce, foreclosure, and change in lifestyle? The bottom line is shelter animals make great pets.

We all have dreams. Mine has always been to help discarded dogs make it back to the arms of a loving family that will cherish them and become their forever home.  My little contribution can go a long way. 

Each and every contributor will be listed as playing a critical role in making this hapen in all literature presented to rescues.  My way of saying Thank you! 

If you can help, please do.   Every little bit helps!

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