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Mar 22, 2016 9:23 AM ET

Archived: Delicious, Healthy Salads & Soups in a Jar! Pre-ordered online and delivered straight to your door

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 22, 2016

JarBar is all about healthy and sustainable living.Our soups and salads come in reusable jars so there’s no packaging and less impact on the environment. We support ethical farming practices by only using pasture raised meat and all our fresh produce is ordered based on actual orders received, which significantly reduces food wastage. JarBar is a Friendly Food that’s friendly to the planet, animals and YOU! We now need your help to take JarBar to a broader audience!


About This Project

Delicious, Healthy Salads & Soups in a Jar!

JarBar creates delicious, healthy soups & salads which are pre-ordered online and delivered straight to your door!

The Honey Joy in all its glory! Cajun Spiced Honey Glazed Chicken, Red Apple Slices, Cucumber Ribbons, Coriander, Red Peppers, Rocket & Avo, with a Honey Mustard Dressing

We launched JarBar in August last year – at the time we were both still working full-time. We wanted to see if the concept would work and if there was a market for something like JarBar. Turns out – there was! The response from people was really overwhelming and every week our orders grew and grew. We eventually got to a point where we couldn’t cope with our full-time jobs AND JarBar, and we realised that we needed to focus on JarBar full-time.

We’re at that point now, but in order to get the business off the ground properly – we need funding. Until now we’ve been running the business from our homes and doing everything ourselves, but this does limit us as we’re only able to accommodate a certain amount of orders.

JarBar is perfect for people who need healthy food on the go!

We would love to see our business grow and in order for that to happen; we need staff, proper kitchen equipment, a designated delivery vehicle and premises.

This is why we need YOU, and why we would be eternally grateful to anyone who can help us make this dream come true!

Nothing beats a yummy healthy soup on a cold winters day.


Milestone 1 (Tipping Point) – R40 000

Reaching this milestone would mean we can accomodate more orders and enrich more people’s lives with our happy, healthy food! These funds would help us to:

  • Complete development of our website
  • Buy more Jars and print them
  • Put down a large deposit on a delivery vehicle
  • Branding on our delivery vehicle (advertising!)
  • Industrial kitchen equipment (fridge/freezer, dishwasher, industrial food processor, cooler boxes for transporting jars in etc)
  • Printed marketing materials

Milestone 2 – R80 000

This would mean that JarBar will get its own little home! These funds would help us to:

  • Pay a deposit plus the first months rent on our own premises
  • Buy and install all the required shop fittings

Milestone 3 – R95 000

YAY! We get to sleep more than just a few hours a night as we now have an extra person to help us! These funds will help us to: Pay staff member salaries for the first month or two.

Our salads have a great mix of proteins, grains and good fats to ensure you stay healthy!

Citizen Activation – Get involved!

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Share our Facebook page and Youtube video with everyone you know and tell them about our campaign 🙂




The Team

The brainchild of Cape Town locals Tanya and Ella, JarBar was born of their daily struggle to find healthy, convenient and affordable food. Both coming from busy agency backgrounds and being very health conscious, this often meant that lunch time was filled with frustration as most business areas don’t offer free range meat options, the healthy options tend to be pricey, and the vegetarian options are often very limited.

It was this frustration that prompted Ella and Tanya to start their own food business that not only makes healthy and delicious food, but also does daily deliveries. In addition to being healthy and convenient, JarBar also focuses on sustainability by serving all food in reusable jars and only using meat that is ethically sourced. JarBar caters for everyone – meat lovers, vegetarians, vegans and health nuts.

Contact Information:


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