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Mar 21, 2016 8:29 AM ET

Archived: Shuffle: Disposable phone numbers app with Voice Calls, SMS, MMS & Voicemail.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 21, 2016


Disposable phone numbers app with Voice Calls, SMS, MMS & Voicemail.


Instead of posting your private cell number to the web, or sharing it with others you’ve only just met, for example, Shuffle lets you set up virtual phone numbers that work with your mobile device so you can still call and message without giving up your privacy.

With a simple tap you can now “shuffle” between your numbers and keep communication separated for your personal, business & social needs.

Shuffle also offers email aliases so you have the ability to create a more complete separate identity with its own number, voice mailbox, and email alias.

Shuffle launched in the US & Canadian App Store in May 2015. After launch, Shuffle was featured in TechCrunch, which gave us initial traction and a sufficient test user-base we could use to optimize Shuffle throughout the rest of 2015. With limited marketing efforts, we now have over 7,000 users across 35 countries, and will be releasing an Android version of Shuffle in 4-5 months after funding. 


Your personal privacy, and that of your family, is at risk every time you share your personal contact details online or with people you don’t intend on having a connection with over the long term. Having multiple phones and phone numbers is possible, yet inconvenient to carry around and frustrating to set up.

Shuffle is one app, on one device, with unlimited possibilities.

With Shuffle, phone and email communication is:

Get Shuffle and give yourself the gift of peace
of mind about your communication.


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Shuffle offers all of the features that today’s phone users expect, including voicemail, SMS, and photo messaging capabilities. The app also features unique color-coded icons that make it easy to keep track of different phone numbers and email aliases.

Other features include:


Here are just a few of the ways that people use Shuffle to simplify their communication: 

Second Number
Sam is a 23-year-old single male and subscribes to various online dating sites such as Match, eHarmony, OKCupid, Plenty Of Fish, etc. to try and find a partner. Sam also likes going out at night and frequents various nightclubs and social events.

To keep his personal contact details safe and privacy protected, Sam used Shuffle to create a second number and uses it as a contact point for his potential new dating partners. In case things don’t work out as planned, Sam always has an easy way to disconnect.

Home Business
Work from home? Calvin does, and he created a separate Shuffle number for his business, allowing him to keep his personal and professional lives separate.


Short-Term Projects
Jenn also works from home as a freelance writer. She constantly juggles multiple short-term clients, and uses Shuffle to stay organized with affordable separate numbers, voicemail inboxes, and emails for each of her projects.


Services & Transactions
Sally is a 35-year-old female who buys and sells various things online via classified ad sites. She keeps her personal and home number private by using a Shuffle number to connect with her transaction partners.

Go Contest Crazy
Rich really wants to win an all-inclusive trip somewhere. He doesn’t really care where, so he enters every online sweepstakes and contest he sees. He uses a Shuffle email alias to protect his regular email address from being spammed.


Get a Local Number
Lauren is a traveling nurse and needs a local number for every new city she’s in. Shuffle allows her to get a local number and make communicating cheaper and more accessible.


While there are other “burner apps” available today, none of them is a match for Shuffle when it comes to diversity and functionality of features.


Shuffle launched in the US and Canadian App Store in May 2015. After launch, Shuffle was featured in TechCrunch, which gave us initial traction and a sufficient test user-base we could use to optimize Shuffle throughout the rest of 2015. With limited marketing efforts, we now have over 7,000 users across 35 countries.

Our users are growing steadily, and have so far created and sent out:


 * Shuffle Integrations *

Integrations take connectivity intelligence to a new level where we automate call/text/email/voicemail processing for business or personal use. We envision Shuffle to not only be a phone/email service but also an intelligent tool to simplify your daily tasks via contact points. 

Here’s a few examples…

Slack: Link a Shuffle number to route incoming text messages and/or voicemails to a designated Slack channel. Users in the channel can reply to the message via Slack.

Evernote: Either auto-save messages to a notebook or use Evernote as your personal SMS Bot to auto reply to incoming messages.

Dropbox: Auto-save picture messages and/or voicemails to your personal or business Dropbox folders.

These are just a few examples to get started. More intelligent connections will be introduced as we identify those in high demand. 

Eventually we’d like to introduce an open source platform where users or developers can build their own integrations by making use of webhooks via IFTTT, Zapier, etc.

The possibilities and market reach are enormous once we implement this strategy. 


The idea for Shuffle was born after Craig looked himself up on Google, and was astonished by how easy it was to find his personal contact information online. Soon after, Craig was watching an episode of Shark Tank where a founder was pitching an app that allowed users to block unwanted calls. Craig started to wonder whether there was a way to build an app that would allow users to block unwanted calls and protect their identity, while helping them take control of their communication in other ways, too.

In essence: why not have separate number and email for each of the many hats we all wear throughout the day?

Craig started building Shuffle in his free time in 2013, while working full-time. In 2014, he quit his job to focus on building Shuffle full-time.

Originally from South Africa, Craig moved to Canada in 2011. Before Shuffle, he worked as a business analyst and solutions developer for companies in various industries based in South Africa, London, and Canada. His career started off withAbsa Bank in South Africa as a solutions analyst for their online banking division.

As our CEO, Craig oversees all company operations and is responsible for the day-to-day activities.

James is the founder and CEO of Phuse. As our design partner, James’ team works to craft beautiful experiences for Shuffle users, and helps to solve and think strategically through problems as they pertain to the UX/UI.

Thomas is a Director at Band of Coders, our Development Partner, who manages the agile delivery of Shuffle’s applications.

Max is a Technical Lead at Band of Coders, leading and maintaining technical integrity for Shuffle’s applications.

Contact Information:

James Costa

Thomas Robbs
Project Manager

Max Hanglin
Technical Lead

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