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Bee2Bee Honey is providing beekeeping services & honey to individuals & businesses in Houston.



Support Houston Honeybees! 

Hi! Thank you for visiting our Indiegogo campaign. We’re launching Bee2Bee Honey Collective this spring and need your help. 

Bee2Bee Honey Collective’s mission: to provide a healthy, sustainable habitat for honeybees and promote urban beekeeping and education. We are doing this two ways: 

  • Launching beekeeping services in Houston. A beekeeping service is where a beekeeper installs and maintains the beehives on your property, whether that is residential, commercial or farm property. Similar to a landscaper or swimming pool service, the beekeeper visits the beehives regularly and inspects and treats the hive accordingly. Most larger cities have businesses providing beekeeping services; Houston does not. Let’s start one! 
  • Launching a website wherein Houston beekeepers (including those receiving the beekeeping service) can sell their honey online. Buying local honey is a great way to support  honeybees! 

Our goal is to place beehives in backyards, rooftops and on businesses throughout Houston metro area.


Who We Are & Why We Will Be Successful 

My name is Nicole Buergers. I was a seasoned yet burnt-out B2B internet marketer, who decided to leave my agency job and do something completely different with my life. I want to make a difference. I launched Bee2Bee to encourage “newbee” wannabeekeepers as well as provide online retail and marketing services for the established hobbyist beekeeper.

I have also been a cheesemonger at the Houston Dairymaids for the past five years (and will continue to be!). I have learned a lot about the wholesale and retail food business and have established a vast network of local restaurants and patrons.

Finally, I have a passion for the environment and for Houston. I grew up in Kingwood, live in Montrose and love this city. I’d like to make Houston an even better place and help our local honeybee population thrive.
What We Need & What You Get

We are looking for $20,000 to get this business buzzing! Your contributions will go toward: 

  • Beehives: the hive boxes, beeyard materials and more
  • Bee packages: we are purchasing bees from a nearby apiary
  • Supplies: beesuits, gloves, smokers, jars, labels, wholesale honey, etc
  • Operational costs: website, videographer, insurance, legal, etc
We have curated some awesome perks for your help! Local honey, bee merchandise, experiences and more. Plus, you can get early-adopter discounted pricing on beekeeping services! 
Tee-shirts and tanks reppin’ Houston honey:

The image in the back says:

You can wear the taste of Houston around your neck with this vial of honey on a 18′ sterling silver chain (perk: Bee2Bee Jewelry)

Seedlings from Farmer Becca of Sown & Grown:

The Impact

You would not only be making an impact toward Houston bees you would also:

  • Growing Houston’s urban agriculture and improving neighborhoods
  • Increasing honeybee awareness and education
  • Basically saving humanity


Other Ways You Can Help

If you are not able to help financially but understand that bees are essential to both our economy and survival:

  • Please tell everyone you’ve ever met about this campaign
  • SHARE SHARE SHARE – there are great tools via Indiegogo
  • Plant bee-friendly flowers, herbs and trees
  • Talk to us – we would love to discuss your questions! 

Thank you!
Nicole Buergers
Bee2Bee Honey Collective, LLC

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Nicole Buergers
Bee2Bee Honey Collective, LLC

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