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Archived: Aeromoto: A Public Art Library in Mexico City

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Aeromoto: A Public Art Library in Mexico City

by Aeromoto




Aeromoto is the first public library for contemporary art in Mexico City. It proposes public and free book circulation.


About this project

About Aeromoto

Aeromoto is the first public library for contemporary art in Mexico City. Founded in 2015 by four individuals, the library functions as an open shelf information center. We provide free access to printed materials specialized in visual art and contemporary culture. Books can also be taken home on loan. We propose public and common book circulation; a time of shared use that contravenes the privatization of life.

Why we need your support

Although the library has become a reference spot for art publications in the city, we know that we still have a long way to go. We are remodeling a new room, in the back of the house, to host 500 new books that we think should be accessible for all. Everyday. For free. However, we need support. Our growing number of users are steadily asking for more books that are not available in our country. We can offer them a new space to study, work and exchange ideas. Now, we need your help to take the next step forward and become the library that we, and our users, dream of.
During last year, together with the city’s art community, we have created a wish list of international publishers that we want to work with to make this dream come true. Become part of Aeromoto and help us achieve our goal of getting 500 new books.
Get involved and please donate now!

Historical context

Aeromoto was born in Mexico City, in a country where 48% of young people have never visited a library. In the past ten years the number for illiteracy in Mexico has remained constant. In an analysis of 108 countries published by UNESCO, on reading rates worldwide in 2014, Mexico ranks second to last. Additionally, repeated cutbacks in education and culture have made it impossible for our university’s libraries to buy new books. Our country suffers from a profound crisis of violence, motivated by social inequalities and economic injustices. In this context Aeromoto proposes anti-capitalist dynamics that generate small-scale social relations. We seek and continue to appeal to groups and organizations that live a life of shared resources and tools for liberation.

Pledge €1  – Thank you!

Thanks for supporting our library! We will personally thank you on our website.

Pledge €10 – Audio

Download an audio file compiled by us featuring a selection of some audio-art pieces recycled and mixed by Aeromoto’s favorite band Peszol.

Pledge €20 – Memorabilia 

Receive a specially designed tote bag and acknowledgment on our website. It comes together with a print of one of Aeromoto’s bookshelves.

Pledge €25 – Phone call 

Artist and co-founder of the “Poesía etílica” movement, Juan Caloca, will call you at night and deliver a piece of alcohol-induced poetry of his choice.

Pledge €30 – La loma del orto

Receive a copy of “La loma del orto” artist book by Ramiro Chaves.

Pledge €40 – T-Shirt

Wear one of Aeromoto’s books! Receive a T-shirt with silk print of a page of one of our favorite books. You can choose between these images.

Pledge €50 – Our first publication 

Receive the first publication made in occasion of NADA Art Fair NYC, in collaboration with Wendy’s Subway and featuring work by 50+ international artists made especially for the occasion. It comes together with Aeromoto’s tote bag.

Pledge €60 – Arte Correo Book

Receive a copy of Arte Correo, (book out of print) an extensive research on the Mail Art movement in Latin America. Including works by Ulises Carrión, Dieter Roth, Hansjörg Mayer, Mathias Göeritz, Felipe Ehrenberg, Pedro Friedeberg and many more. It comes inside Aeromoto’s totebag.
Limited to 10

Pledge €100 – Gato Negro Books 

Receive a selection of books by Mexico City based publishing house Gato Negro. Each selection contains 7 books and is specially packed for this occasion by Gato Negro.
Limited to 10

Pledge €150 – Cráter Invertido Books

Receive a selection of publications by Mexico City based collective Cráter invertido. Each selection contains 7 books by their publishing house Cráneo Invertido and is specially packed by Cráter for this occasion.
Limited to 6

Pledge €200 – Sacred honey savers

Receive a honey (or any sacred substance) saver made by artist Yolanda Paulsen. These savers are based on a Mexican love legend and are carefully hand-made by working the bee wax for hours. Limited to 10

Pledge €250 – Mexican Artists’ Books

Receive a selection of artist books by Mexico City based artists. Each selection contains 5 books and is specially packed for this occasion. It comes with Aeromoto’s totebag. 

Bookworks by Abraham Cruzvillegas, Melanie Smith, Daniel Guzman, Tatiana Musi and Ramiro Chaves.

Limited to 10

Pledge €260 – Jonathan Miralda

Pledge €260 and you will receive a signed silkscreen by Mexican artist Jonathan Miralda. Edition of 8.

Pledge €300 – Ricardo Sierra

Pledge €300 and you will receive a unique drawing by Mexican artist Ricardo Sierra. Limited to 3 drawings. Each piece 50x60cm. One of a kind, signed.

Ricardo Sierra uses painting and drawing as a possibility to generate cartograms , diagrams and representations of virtual worlds . His most recent works are marked by his obsessive use of lines and an iteration of elements.

Pledge €350 – A piece of Aeromoto 

Receive a selection of publications curated by Aeromoto’s founders. Curating books and knowing the best people at it is our job and we’ll gladly send you our best picks! The package includes books, magazines, posters, periodicals and ephemera by well known publishers and well kept secrets in the local scene and abroad. The selection comes in a packaging designed for this campaign. 
Limited to 6

Pledge €400 – Javier Sirvent 

Pledge €400 and you will receive a signed photograph by Mexican photographer Javier Sirvent. Each photograph is 13.7 x 11 inches of an edition of 5 signed and numbered.

Pledge €420 – Wooden Facsimile Book 

Pledge €420 and you’ll get a hand-crafted replica book from Aeromoto’s installation “A small reflection on the obsolescence of creating objects in the digital era”.
Book designer Maru Calva and artist Jerónimo Rüedi made a selection of some of their most loved volumes here at Aeromoto and carefully replicated them on wood. Each piece is hand painted and unique.
Limited to 7 unique pieces

Pledge €500 – Tatiana Musi 

Pledge €500 or more and you will receive a watercolor by artist Tatiana Musi. Each piece consists of a unique painting of 9 x 11 inches on cotton paper.

Pledge €750 – Jerónimo Rüedi

Receive a painting by artist Jerónimo Rüedi. Oil on paper. Three to choose.

Pledge €1000 – Diego Pérez

Pledge €1000 or more and you will receive a photograph by Mexican Artist Diego Pérez. Each photo is an edition of four. 44 x 29 cm. Limited to 4. 

Pledge €1100 – Roberto Turnbull

Receive an original edition, numbered and signed, by artist Roberto Turnbull. Experimentation is a constant in Turnbull’s work, mainly pictorial and graphic . Instead of persisting in defining a style, he explores the confines of the plastic language, moving between realistic narratives, geometric shapes and scattered fragments of figures; from sharp images to subjective metamorphosis.

 Pledge €2000 – Become a part of Aeromoto!

Become an active part of Aeromoto! By pledging €2000 you’ll be able to take part in our staff meetings for one year (either here in Mexico City or via Skype) and make decisions on which individuals or publishers you consider that should be curating selections of books for the library. Your name will be printed at Aeromoto’s entrance wall as our major supporter.



México, Mexico


Founded in 2015, by four friends, Aeromoto is first contemporary art public library in Mexico City where people can consult and take books home to read and leaf through at their own leisure.

We want the free and infinite circulation of knowledge, the mental revolutions produced by art and culture, a world in which things do not belong to anybody, everything exists to be used by everybody. A world where beings care for each other.

Aeromoto is a joint effort or it is not.

Aeromoto is an airquake.



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