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Mar 17, 2016 10:29 AM ET

Organic Dried Food: Meeting the needs of the USA organic marketplace

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 17, 2016

Organic Dried Food


Fruitland, Utah | E-Commerce

Our Mission

Organic Dried Food is meeting the needs of the USA organic marketplace by offering 37,000 organic and natural products from 2,200 vendors at near wholesale prices with rapid delivery from 4 warehouses (2 East Coast & 2 West Coast).

Full Pitch

“Low Overhead” Virtual Retail Store:
We have developed a “low overhead” virtual retail store (no warehouse, no inventory and no shipping). System is completely automated from customer order processing to sending shipping tracking confirmation emails.
Outsource Fulfillment:
We have partnered with 2 organic and natural food distributors providing custom drop-shipping (at no extra costs) of 37,000 products representing 2,200 brands from 4 warehouses (2 East coast and 2 West coast) directly to our customers with our shipping labels.
Paid Customer Acquisition:
We have partnered with a world class Utah Digital Marketing Company that connects our store to the right traffic, at the lowest costs, while optimizing our sale conversion rates and maximizing our growth and bottom line.
Co-op Customer Acquisition (No-Cost Customer Acquisition):
Develop Co-op programs (2,200 Brands) that allow numerous brands to share the costs of a full page magazine ad (Food, Woman and other magazines) while driving orders to our store.
Reorders – From Total Customer Base:
Engage total customer base weekly with “Specials” promoting reorders and maximizing customer LTV (life-time -value).


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Fruitland, Utah



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Organic Dried Food

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