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Mar 16, 2016 12:55 PM ET

Archived: Mothers of the Disappeared: After an oppressive government takes their children, a group of mothers front a revolution

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 16, 2016

Mothers of the Disappeared

A project by: Kassie Stringer

After an oppressive government takes their children, a group of mothers front a revolution.

OUR PROJECT – Mothers of the Disappeared:

Hello! We are a film crew from the department of Theatre, Film and Television at the University of York and we are about to embark on our next film adventure. Mothers of the Disappeared is a thrilling drama influenced by real historical events, with the ambition to make a stamp on the representation of women on screen by having not only one, but two female leads. With your help we will be able to raise money for our production budget – this will support us with logistical elements and allow for a higher production value, to help us showcase our talent as we make our entrance into the competitive film and television industry.

Your contribution will enable us to achieve all of these things so continue reading to find out more about our project. You can also check out our showreel above to see a compilation of our previous work.


Our Story:

A shocking and inspirational short drama influenced by the Mothers of the Plaza De Mayo. Set in a dark dystopian world, Mothers of the Disappeared is a story about revolution, self-empowerment and the unbreakable power of a mother’s love.


The citizens are ruled by an oppressive government. Any rebellion is crushed, those who think for themselves and try to speak out are instantaneously “disappeared” by the government. As the number of disappearances increases, their mothers begin to resist. With all the technological communication monitored, they organise protests the old-fashioned way: in hushed tones, in secret broadcasts – and in a huge march planned for the end of the month. But, a week before the march is due to take place, Meryl, the leader of the mother’s resistance, is captured and tortured for information. As a shockwave of fear hits the resistance, Meryl’s mantle is forced upon her inexperienced daughter-in-law Maria. As the march approaches and the government draws ever closer, we follow both women as they face the biggest challenge of their lives.


The Team:

Each member of the MOTD Production Team is excited to be given their own starred role in which they creatively contribute to the project. Meet the team below:



Contact Information:

Kassie Stringer

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