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Archived: iPads for Innovation in Reading, Writing, and Math: My students need 6 Apple iPads minis to help gain a knowledge of technology.

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iPads for Innovation in Reading, Writing, and Math

My students need 6 Apple iPads minis to help gain a knowledge of technology.

My Students

I incorporate product based learning into my classroom daily. My students are taught to help create their own learning and to prove what they know by creating a product. The products we make in my classroom are paper and pencil oriented, but how amazing would it be if together we could change that.

I currently have 22 of the most talkative, creative, and fun little humans in my classroom.

They are extremely eager and love to learn. Each one of them come to me with unique individual differences and they learn in a variety of ways. They keep me on my toes and teach me more in a day than I could teach them in a year. My school has limited technology for our little learners and the technology focus is on the upper grade levels. I currently have two classroom computers which makes giving my 22 students time with technology extremely hard. What makes the situation worse is that by third grade my students are expected to not only be able to use a computer but test on one as well. With your donation you would help bridge the technology gap we currently have.

My Project

What I love about iPads is that they offer a variety of different tools that I can use in my classroom. They will instantly give my students access to the Internet which helps tremendously in the research they conduct throughout the year in Writing. iPads also give my students the opportunity to create videos, take photos, or create apps or websites that teach others about their learning. We strive to show our learning in new ways and iPads allow us to do that in all subject areas.

The world of technology is changing and the field of Computer Science is growing.

Currently, applicants for many jobs are chosen based off of their knowledge of and ability to use technology. Help me prepare my students for this shift. Help me give them not only what they want but what they need to be successful in this world. Today technology is available at our fingertips. Please help me bring it into my classroom.

Contact Information:

Mrs. Shindeldecker

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