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New Smart Headphone — 2 Products in 1

“RETIRE THE WIRES” and change the WAY you listen to Audio!!

In development our company Rootz Technology has created a prototype of an over-the-ear wireless, Bluetooth headphone complete with a built in 8GB Android device titled the SLD (Smart Listening Device). It is the world’s 1st full-size Smart headset that comes with an Android internal operating system allowing users to download their favorite media files directly to their Headset, and hold conversations via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi. NEVER again will a consumer be tangled up in wires or be out of reach of good music! 

Key Features:

(Live footage of Android Interface and Video Playback)

-Included with internal apps (e-Book reader, FM Radio, etc)

– Built-in Pedometer to track exercise & steps

– Audio-In Aux. Jack for those who still want the “Wired” option

– Transfer files USB

– Built In GPS

– Download your Favorite Apps via Google Play Market

– Stream Music Wireless via Bluetooth/Wi-Fi

– built in Internal Microphones for Phone Calls and Skype Conversations

– 8GB Internal Memory (Multiple Storage Levels Coming Soon)

Battery (expected)

  • Play time 8 hours
  • Standby time 200 hours
  • Charging time less than 1 hour
  • Charging: USB 
  • Type: Lithium Battery  

**Your pledge will help us deliver a friendly and discrete assistant that will enhance real life experiences. Buying devices that would equal the functions of The Smart Listening Device will set you back at least 600$.


Since we have successfully proven our concept through multiple test trials we need help from IndieGoGo to create our final “manufacturing mold” design, and really bring our product to market with our own original style! Our Industrial Team has designed a Headset design that is truly unique! Not only do we have Technology Advancements, but a beautiful look as well! Help us bring the Dream to life and create Moor jobs for our community.

Contact Information:

Courtland White

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