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Mar 9, 2016 8:02 AM ET

Archived: Bumps and the Boardroom: Help us reframe the way maternity leave is perceived and revolutionise the way mothers and businesses grow together

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 9, 2016

Bumps and the Boardroom


Help us reframe the way maternity leave is perceived and revolutionise the way mothers and businesses grow together.

Every year thousands of talented women delay their plans to start a family or exit the corporate world completely when they choose to have a baby.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.


The exact cost of lost talent to the British economy is immeasurable but we know having women on boards increases performance and profits.

With your help we can reframe the way maternity leave is perceived and revolutionise the way mothers and businesses grow together.

We can create a softer, more balanced, flexible corporate culture where we value men and women equally.


Imagine a corporate world where…

  • Working mothers and business respect, connect and understand each other.
  • Mothers return to work motivated, committed and valued for their talents and enhanced skillset.
  • Women don’t delay having a baby for fear it will signal the end of a career they love.
  • Mothers know they can combine a career and family with the support of their employers.
  • Businesses retain their best female talent, far beyond early motherhood.
  • Working mothers realise their full potential as authentic leaders at the most senior levels


Bumps and the Boardroom is a movement to awaken a more feminine way of being within the current corporate culture, to allow working mothers and business to understand each others needs and find ways for women to rise.

Become a Founder Member today and be part of the change.


What do we want to do?

The 2015 Equalities Commission report advised that up to 100,000 women per year may be discriminated against during the maternity journey. We want the story to be different in 2016 and beyond.

We want to celebrate and elevate mothers within our business culture, positively affecting the lives of at least 100,000 women and those around them.

We are creating a network of powerful men and women who are willing to speak up about the positive benefits and attributes mothers bring to business. Together we will work to re-educate and help companies across all industries to find ways for mothers to fulfil their potential in the corporate world. We will share this knowledge with companies who value it and champion companies who are open to change.

Our aim is to help business to prosper and mothers to lead.

We’ll do this by gathering insights from our growing network and creating a new tech platform to share these findings. We’re developing corporate support options where we can help business with coaching and action plans to help retain their top female talent. We’ll also offer insights and tools to help mothers everywhere rise and thrive in businesses.

The foundations around our benchmarking of acceptable and exemplary maternity processes and practice and our over-arching aims are in place but our Founder Members will be able to further shape the details.

Your support will make all the difference – pledge to become a Founder Member and ensure your voice is heard.


Our history…

Bumps and the Boardroom started two years ago as a series of conversations around how to better manage maternity by Founder, Lisa Barnwell for her high potential, corporate clients who wanted to combine a career with having children.  Drawing on over 14 years experience supporting women through the journey from maternity to motherhood she amassed a wealth of knowledge. Witnessing the profound shift women experience during the pregnancy journey and transition period, she offers a creative solution for mothers and the corporations they are a part of and has identified some key areas of improvement.

Of the current challenge for mothers and businesses, Lisa explains:

‘Businesses tell me they don’t know what women want. They improve their maternity packages and pay and still women don’t return or they leave again within a short period.

Women tell me they don’t speak honestly to HR or their line managers. They temper their truth, afraid of saying what they really want and are unable to see positive possibilites.

I frequently have conversations with ambitious women who know they want a baby “someday” but quietly fear the impact this will have on their sense of self and career so they delay indefinitely.

I have conversations with new mothers who return from giving birth to the same pay grade and title but with many signs of their previous responsibility and progression diminished and a far less fulfilling or inspiring role.

This is not the reality everywhere. Some companies are making huge inroads and showing how top female talent can be nurtured, but we need to celebrate these examples and connect to their business worth, in order to bring about real change across all industries.’


We’re inviting you to become part of a community of powerful men and women who are willing to speak honestly and openly about what’s needed for mothers to rise and remain in the corporate world.

We’re inviting companies to become part of an enlightened community who understand what women need in order to thrive at work during pregnancy, the early postnatal period and early motherhood so they keep their valuable talent.


Together we can provide support and inspiration for mothers across all industries – to realise their full potential and know they can reach the top of their profession as well as being a loving and present parent.


This isn’t just a movement for women – this is for men, women, potential and existing parents everywhere who believe in motherhood without sacrifice.


Add your support today and become part of a powerful movement to right the balance between work and motherhood for yourself and for future generations.


Lisa Barnwell and the Bumps and the Boardroom Team.



Project owner

Contact Information:

Lisa Barnwell

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