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Mar 7, 2016 12:48 PM ET

Archived: WAVES OF LIFE ALBUM – TO RAISE FUNDS FOR MENTAL HEALTH: It’s ok not to be ok sometimes, good & bad comes in waves. It’s just the Waves of Life.

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 7, 2016




Depression hits so many of us in our communities. It is the silent self-torture that most are too scared to talk about.

5 people die of suicide each day in Australia. That’s higher than our road death toll. Over 45% of Australians will suffer from mental health issues in their life.

I’ve lost too many friends to suicide so I wish to get this issue out from under the rug so that the stigma of sharing is no longer there because a problem shared is a problem halved.


Why else is this important to me? It’s scary and hard for me to admit this publicly, but I have struggled with depression. In those times I was too frozen and ashamed to admit it to myself, let alone reach out to anyone for help. I felt alone. I never, in a million years, thought this could happen to me. I just didn’t see myself as ‘that’ person. So many people have relied upon me to be their inspiration and rock of hope, I felt that it would just let everyone I know down if they saw that I was afflicted by this pain. So I kept it hidden inside, but it just got worse by not speaking about it. Some mornings I couldn’t face even getting out of bed. I finally understood what it viscerally felt like.

Depression is a bizarre thing. 

It’s not that, when you’re in it, you don’t experience many moments of joy, happiness, laughter, love, gratitude, peace, deep spiritual realisations or even the ability to give all those things to others. (think of Robin Williams as a famous example)

No, It’s not that black & white. It’s more subtle than that.

It’s almost constant like tinnitus ringing in your ears. Sometimes it is so loud it intrusively drowns out everything else. When it’s like that, it hurts, is debilitating & immobilising. 

Other times it subtly blends into the background, seeming to always be there, but just underneath conscious awareness waiting for you to notice it until it pounces like a psychological predator screaming in your mind. Often drowning out reason & rationality to create retreating or recoiling from the world..

It was these songs that saved me from that dark pit.

We can let everyone know that it’s ok not to be ok sometimes, you’re not alone and good & bad comes in waves. It’s just the Waves of Life.
So I’ve written & recorded a powerful album called,

WAVES OF LIFE – Be Silent & Listen Part 1: Contemplation

dedicated to raising funds & awareness of those suffering from depression, mental illness & the dear ones we’ve lost to suicide.
Music has saved my life during dark times. In fact, these songs have rescued me & I feel deeply that they will help others too.


Be an important part of creating an album that can not only make a difference in people’s lives, but will raise funds and awareness for this issue.

Well, that’s why I’m launching this crowdfunding campaign for this important project & you can assist.

Will you lend a hand?


“It’s a horrible thing I’ve lived with my entire life and it’s often hard to explain even when life’s good I can still feel broken and worthless , I’ve found peace in a lot of NathanKaye music and the strong passionate spirit and positive messages” Joel


“Your songs are the ones I turn to in times of depression, anxiety disorder and even in the past when I’ve struggled with suicidal thoughts/attempts. I’ve lost so many to suicide and came extremely close myself… I remember when thinking you could do great things and healing with that song. Many of your songs actually. I’m sure it’s going to be an amazing album and I for sure will be buying them and handing them out like prescriptions to my loved ones and any lost souls I come across fighting the same struggle. Can’t wait to see this come together.” Kirby



25% of album sales of WAVES OF LIFE will go directly to the chosen charity’s fabulous work. The goal is to initially raise over $9,000 from sales of the LP, CD & MP3 downloads of the new album to directly go towards an organisation that is helping people with mental health issues. [Currently in talks with these few fabulous organisations at the moment – Suicide Prevention Australia (who used my song, ‘Silence’, that I penned for a friend who suicided, as their theme song for 2004/2005), Beyond Blue, or Blackdog Institute.]

Much of the hard work with most of the professional recording and some of the mixing already done, so I’m not asking you to pay for that work and I know deep down that this peace of work will help many people, but what’s the point in making a great album that can really help folks if nobody gets to hear it? Especially those that need it most, so funds are needed to cover things such as professional mastering, pressing of both vinyl LP and CD formats, plus distribution and promotion so that it gets to as many ears and hearts as possible.



The target here is only $11,111.11 With all your compassionate hearts I’m certain we can far exceed that target. Let’s actually aim for $22,222,22! The more we raise together for WAVES OF LIFE the more people this will change the lives of for the better.

We only need to reach a daily goal of $123.50 to reach the target.

Can I be honest?

I’ve been scared to do a crowdfunding campaign. In fact, I was about to launch one back when I toured with Pete Murray in 2013, but touring was hectic and left little time to organise a campaign this important and this personal. The beauty is that I pretty much finished the album from the sweat off my own back & now you can help be a vital part of completing it.


I’ve tried to be as generous and unique as possible so there’s cool stuff like:

  • signed limited edition colour vinyl LPs
  • you can commission me to actually write you or your loved one a song
  • you can hire me to play at your wedding
  • most of the packages include a download of an awesome Didgeridoo Meditation album that has been used in a mental health ward to help patients. It’s a sacred sonic guided meditation journey activating chakras and entraining the mind into theta brainwave states with organically made binaural pulses using traditional instruments such as Australian indigenous Didgeridoo and Turkish cümbüs… (more info on this here – https://www.facebook.com/visionaryvibrations )

There’s even outrageous things like:

  • getting me to tattoo your name on my body or
  • paying me to do a lapdance on you

The benefits are massive!

  1. You get to significantly contribute to Australian arts culture and independent music
  2. As well as support a really important cause
  3. All whilst getting cool stuff in return for your generous heart!!!

It’s a no brainer…

Theres heaps of rewards are just to the right here. Go for it!



Once the campaign ends on May 19th it will take up to a couple of weeks to clear the funds. All digital downloads will be available at least 2 weeks prior to release.
Then it will take 2-4 weeks for things like CDs to be pressed, stickers, t-shirts, fridge magnets to be manufactured. Add a further 2 weeks approximately for postage/shipping to reach you.
Please note: it takes 16 weeks to press vinyl with a further 2 weeks or so for delivery to me here, then a further 2 weeks-ish to get to you. But believe me, the wait will be well worth it!

The most important reward is knowing that you’ve helped an independent Australian artist create a piece of work that will help heal and possibly rescue many people from dark places in their lives.




Do you have a little time to join the e-team &/or street-team to help with this campaign?

Simple tasks like:

  • mobilising your social media to generate more interest in this campaign and topic
  • Sending letters (and press releases) to your local paper and community radio stations to get the issue & campaign out there more
  • Putting posters up in your area



“If you get the chance, check this guy out live – so many instruments for one guy to play! And rumour has it that he never goes anywhere without some kind of instrument on him…”
Sarah Howells, Roots ‘n’ All, Triple J

Nathan Kaye Bio

An influential & inspirational part of the Australian blues and roots scene and renowned as the world’s first didjeridu beatboxer, Nathan Kaye, the globe-trotting, energetic one-man-band who thumps out songs on slide guitar, slide-didge & electronic footdrums at festivals, organic cafés & has even been known to smash out uplifting 5 hour sets in outback hotel rooms.

Similar to many Blues and roots musicians, he’s a bit of an hippie activist, with many of his songs dealing with subjects like children being locked in detention centers to setting aside time from the hustle ‘n’ bustle of modern life. But he’s also quite the larrikin and loves to spin funny tales about his adventures on the road, like his Lucky Man Story about the hilarious reactions he got from fellas in the USA to his (ex)girlfriend as they walked down the street.

Unlike other one-man-bands, Kaye pulls out some extremely left-field stuff that defies genre pigeon-holing. Such as his hilarious beatbox routine where he improvises a bunch of audience-chosen requests of songs and mixes them up like a beatboxing DJ.

But really, at the core of his music & multi-tasking abilities lies a big-hearted man with a powerful mission to inspire people to fully embrace being alive & make the most of the gift of life. Hearing him play & speak creates a feeling within you as if you are a spiritual warrior or warrioress able to achieve anything…

Having the self-discipline of being a Black belt martial artist, Nathan has maintained a focused & fiercely independent DIY approach to his original music & has managed to carve out a solid & expanding career, which means he sometimes can be found playing to small numbers at rustic hotels to thousands at festivals, like Glastonbury Festival, with Triple J airplay. As long as he’s bringing people together lifting them up playing live music doing his passion, he’s an happy man.

Kaye’s music will draw you in and make you think, make you laugh and make you move.
NK is a one-man band and a talent packed show that has to be seen to be believed and his songwriting is just as infectious. Trust us, you’ll be better for it.
It’s the best sweaty, dirty, sexy, good-vibed foot-stomp you’ll get from one man.

• Supported BIRDS OF TOKYO
• Supported JASON MRAZ at The Stronghold, Venice Beach, LA
• 44 date national tour with PETE MURRAY 2013, including many performances on national TV and radio
• Performed at The Viper Room, Sunset Strip, LA,
• Supported Paul Dempsey (Something For Kate), Hotel Cafe, Hollywood, LA,
• Supported PAUL KELLY on tour
• Performed in the official line-up at
• Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Spiegel Tent, Scotland
• Fairbridge Festival, WA
• Woodford Folk Festival, QLD
• Peat’s Ridge Festival, NSW
• Super-Heineken Tour, China
• The Burning Man Festival, USA
• Earth Day Festival, Bali, Indonesia
• Recorded guitar, vocals and programmed beats on Andy Frasers solo album (70’s band, FREE)
• Performed onstage with JOHN BUTLER at the Fatherhood Festival
• Toured in venues in UK, Ireland, USA, China, Hong Kong, Bali & Australia
• Supported THE CORRS, Hong Kong
• Supported other artists including Diesel, Little Birdy, Ash Grunwald, iOta


For those interested in commissioning a portrait. Here are samples of my work…

Thom Yorke Portrait Paul McCartney PortraitGraceThe Power and the Passion Self PortraitLaughter Heals. Daily medicine. Do What Makes You Happy!




Created 1 Campaign • View Profile
If you get the chance, check this guy out live – so many instruments for one guy to play! And rumour has it that he never goes anywhere without some kind of instrument on him…;
Sarah Howells, Roots and All, Triple JPositive vibed, thundering roots-rock, beatbox blues, hilarious tales, conscious poetry and world groove…
Smile-blazing, Soul-gazing, life-loving, story-telling, energising, Multi-instrumental Music alchemist (musician), thespian, martial artist & proud dad.
Contact Information:


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