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Archived: Tree Island Yogurt: Providing grass fed yogurt to consumers in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island

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Tree Island Yogurt



Location: Courtenay, British Columbia

Sector: Retail and Consumer Products


Current: Providing grass fed yogurt to consumers in Vancouver and on Vancouver Island

Future: Providing grass fed dairy products to Canadians; co-packing grass fed dairy products for premium Canadian food manufacturers. Exporting premium dairy products to Asia.


Opportunity Highlights


  • First independent grass fed dairy processor in Canada Because we are both the leaders and primary advocates for grass fed dairy we are uniquely positioned in the market place to leverage this rapidly growing market segment.
  • Started small and niche Developed strong brand recognition through personal relationships, organic growth turned into solid foundation leading to excellent brand loyalty in a highly commoditized, highly price sensitive shelf.
  • Only independent dairy in BC sourcing milk from individual farms – Providing value to consumers by tracing the origin of the milk in their dairy products back to a farm
  • Methodologies and formulations developed in-house – All recipes have been developed in-house including greek yogurt thickening technology this means not as easily replicated by competitors.


Management Team

W. Scott DiGuistini, Director

First person to assemble and publish a eukaryotic  genome sequence using “Next Generation Sequencing”. Publication has been downloaded 35,000 times and is ranked in the top 10% of scientific publications of all time. PhD research published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science and nominated for a Governor General Gold Medal award. Built a small business in a highly competitive category of grocery carving out a new niche of artisan and grass fed yogurt on an entirely commoditized shelf. Working with the Minister of Agriculture, initiated a change to the dairy quota system in BC that will lead to greater innovation by increasing the economic opportunities for dairy farmers to pursue specialty production.



Contact Information:

W. Scott DiGuistini, Director

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