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Archived: Soaring Shoes – Gadget for Walking and Jogging: Footwear for people who are willing and looking for a new experience.

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Soaring Shoes *** Gadget for Walking and Jogging

Footwear for people who are willing and looking for a new experience.

About this project

Soaring Shoes include a high performance spring system mounted on cycling shoes. They are designed for activities like walking and running on the paved road.

 Third Time! What is New?

  • “Soaring Shoes” cost is dropped down by optimizing a supply chain, a production quantity, and selection materials.
  • You have the unique option to replace outsoles as it will be needed. 

Soaring Shoes should improve the walking and running experience in several key ways.

Unlike training shoes they have two saving energy spots. One is under a forward part of a foot and another is under a heel. Soaring shoes utilize a leaf spring that can flex. Needless to say, that it helps to reduce the load on the joints of the walker or runner.

Subjective sensations during the street walking were the “lightness” in knees, the “soft” heels, the load reduction on the metatarsals.

One of the gadget’s key features is the replaceable outsole of Soaring shoes, which allows the person to choose his preference from a lot of outsoles. They’ll be supplied to customers as set of outsoles for self-assembly in order to keep the price low.

An exclusive commemorative carbon fiber card
An exclusive commemorative carbon fiber card


  • Receiving information from backers (April)
  • Supply chain confirmation (May)
  • Test production prototype (June)
  • Final tooling (July)
  • Production, assembling, shipping (August – November)


The cycling shoes and outsoles may differ from those that shown here.

Risks and challenges

Here is the question … to be or not to be! It’s not the question: how much we can to sell. We don’t use this opportunity like a trade of ready product with discount. Our goal is to bring the project to life.

Today, we have a working prototype but not finished product. So his cost is compromise of risks and opportunities.

Here you can see working prototype of Soaring Shoes made from quality parts shipped by the future suppliers. The final product may little bit different, but his functionality and quality will be highest.

Risks and challenges are in any business activity. There is always a risk of delays but they are minimized and we will keep you informed from funding to shipping.

Contact Information:

Sergey Kruglov

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