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Mar 3, 2016 1:25 PM ET

Archived: Roots and Fruits: One of Puerto Rico’s finest Wellness Chefs known for making fabulous Vegan cuisine

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 3, 2016
Personal Story

I consider myself to be one Puerto Rico’s finest Wellness Chefs. I grew up in the Virgin Islands and healthy eating was a big part of what my life was like. My philosophy on living is do what you love. And one of my dreams is to own a food truck/trailer to offer my food to the community.

Business Description

I am already known for making fabulous Vegan cuisine on island when I operated a location for a few years. I just really dont want to be tied down to a location and have opted for creating a mobile version. I also want to be apart of the growing Food Truck Festivals that have sprung up on the island lately. I know that my food is catered towards the health conscious…both local and tourists. I would love to be set up near the beach…but I would also opt for a roadside spot too. My goal is to operate my business a few times a week and at festivals around the island of Puerto Rico.

What is the purpose of this loan?

I can purchase equipment, supplies, and decor for my trailer. That way I can get her out on the road and make it happen. I already have the trailer…now I need to make the trailer fly by purchasing the following items:

Double burner induction top: $300
Generator for 5500 watts: $700
Deep Freezer 3.5 cubic ft: $180
Mini fridge with ice maker: $200
Microwave: $80
Toaster Oven: $50
Vitamix: $600
Water Tank: $240
Electrical outlets and fittings: $250 (The trailer is not set up yet for plugging things in.)
Trailer Design exterior: $500
Repairing Truck to Pull Trailer: $1000 (We already have a Ford Expedition that can pull the trailer…it just needs some repairs to make it stronger…its 18 years old)
Licensing and Permits: $300
Stainless table: 150
Trailer and truck tires: $250 (road safety)
Pop-Up Canopy for Customers $150
Plastic Table and Chairs: $50

Contact Information:


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