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Archived: BlueHawk Energy, Inc. project involves exporting US made methanol to China where demand for methanol is very strong and growing.

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BlueHawk Energy, Inc.

BlueHawk Energy Inc (“BHE”)’s project involves exporting US made methanol to China. In China, demand for methanol is very strong and growing. Export sales are by long term contract, in advance. Revenues are defined by contract.

BHE’s team and partners are skilled and capable. We are raising capital at this time. BHE seeks investment from individuals and groups. We wish to grow our investor base. There is no minimum investment level.

Timing for the project is excellent. US gas producers are highly motivated to find new markets. Low cost US natural gas enables BHE’s project to be economically attractive.

The project uses US natural gas as feedstock to produce methanol. Methanol is used in China to produce olefins which are then used to produce plastics. HIgh volume plastics manufacturing is China’s strategic plan. Massive construction is now underway in China to expand olefin production capacity.

In China, methanol is produced from coal. Over use of coal is causing severe air and water pollution. Since the Chinese Government’s “war on pollution” declaration, coal use in China is increasingly restricted. Today Chinese groups seek alternative sources of methanol from overseas. Several groups plan to make large investments outside of China in methanol plants to control supply costs rather than buy “retail” priced methanol from large, foreign owned companies. Also, Chinese groups seek local country partners for such endeavors. They seek well developed projects that are major investment ready.

BHE’s USA based project is a very good fit for major Chinese buyers and potential long term partners. BHE’s site is already EPA permitted and ready for methanol plant investment and construction. BHE’s team works closely with top engineering and GTL (“Gas-To-Liquids) technology companies – skilled in design, construction and operating methanol (and polyolefin) plants.

BHE’s team is experienced in managing petro-chemical projects and working closely with Asian groups. We are in direct contact with several Chinese groups interested in BHE’s plan.

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BHE is developing a project that using US natural gas as feedstock to produce methanol in the US for export to China. Demand for methanol in China is very strong and dramatically growing.

In today’s climate of falling oil prices / revenues, BHE’s project makes good sense. Our project offers long term stability and attractive, contractually defined revenues with year over year profits. Revenues and profits are not subject to shorter term market trends or sudden changes in global events. BHE’s project involves the export of USA made methanol to China – based on long term off-take agreements with identified Chinese Groups. There are well funded Chinese Groups known to BHE who are actively seeking to make major petro-chemical plant investments outside of China in order to secure reliable, attractively priced methanol to ship back to China. The Chinese investors / buyers are looking for well-developed plans in which to invest. BHE’s project is a good match for the Chinese.



President Executive Officer
David Scull

As President of BlueHawk Energy Inc., David Scull brings to the Company and the project a unique set of skills. David’s career has involved the oil and gas and high tech industries. For many years David lived in several countries in Asia, including China, while working in both the energy and high tech industries. In more recent years, David often travels to China. Over his career David gained extensive experience working with Asian groups and organizations. He has successfully closed numerous, multi-million-dollar deals with various Asian Groups. David speaks some key Asian languages and has a broad understanding of Asian business cultures.

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President Executive Officer
David Scull

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