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Mar 2, 2016 11:10 AM ET

Archived: WHAT CHILDREN DO – A Feature Length Comedy

iCrowdNewswire - Mar 2, 2016

Hey what’s going on here?

I’m raising money to shoot my second feature film, entitled WHAT CHILDREN DO. It’s a script that I’ve been writing for the past two years and that we’re going to shoot over the course of 14 days in upstate New York in April 2016. 

What is the film about?

WHAT CHILDREN DO is a comedy about Amy and Shannon, two sisters that haven’t spoken in three years who are brought back into each other’s lives by the impending death of their grandmother.

The older sister Amy, is a failed actress in LA, penniless and alone, pulling 25 hours a week at a frozen yogurt shop to make ends meet. Her younger sister Shannon lives a quiet and safe life as a librarian in a small town where she co-habitates with her boyfriend Pat, a lovable goof who’s on a self directed karate regime.

Both sisters return to their small hometown in upstate New York when they find out that their grandmother “Nana” is on the brink of death. The sisters must attempt to put aside their differences and take care of Nana in her final days. While back at home they encounter old flames, over zealous pastors, and overdue DVDs while attempting to repair their comically disastrous relationship and come to terms with the town they grew up in.

Some of the influences for WHAT CHILDREN DO
Some of the influences for WHAT CHILDREN DO

Who’s making this thing?

Meet our lovely team!

Dean Peterson (Writer/Director) is a filmmaker from Brooklyn, NY. With the help of Kickstarter, he made his debut feature film INCREDIBLY SMALL which premiered at the Raindance Film Festival in London, and went on to play at over 30 festivals across the country. He put it online for free (watch it here!) and it’s been viewed over 64,000 times. He’s also made the short films VING RHAMES, SEA BEACH LOCAL, STOP TELLING WOMEN TO SMILE,and KILLING BALDACCI.

 Ariana Janetakis (Producer) has produced television shows for VH1, Ovation, and TLC. 

Liz Zweibel (Producer) is a Los Angeles based producer that works on films and commercials and is one of the founding producers of the Woodstock Comedy Festival. She without hesitation named her dog Joris Joplin.

Darin Quan (Director of Photography) shot the forthcoming feature film DIVERGE. He is currently producing/directing/shooting a show for Vox Media. 

More about the production

Our small, nimble and talented crew will be shooting the film in the lovely Catskill mountains in upstate New York. Everyone is going to stay in the house that we’re shooting the movie in. It’ll be just like summer camp, minus the nature hikes! 

The actual couch Dean will sleep on during shooting
The actual couch Dean will sleep on during shooting

We’ve already started location scouting and we’re so excited to shoot in the gorgeous environs of upstate New York.

Kingston, NY
Kingston, NY
The Hudson Valley
The Hudson Valley
Wow, look at this waterfall.
Wow, look at this waterfall.

We’ve also struck up some really cool partnerships with companies that are going to help us with things like color correction, sound mixing and final delivery. With your help we can pay them to help make the movie look and sound as good as possible and get it out into the world!

This sounds great, how can I help??

Click that little green button in the top right and make a pledge! Check out the rewards on the right and chip in whatever you can. Truly any amount helps but the more the merrier!

You can also help by spreading the word!

How does crowdfunding work?

We’ve got 31 days to raise our funding. Kickstarter is all or nothing so if we don’t meet our goal by the end of the campaign, we get nothing!

We’re so excited about this film and the opportunity to have all of you involved in it’s creation from the ground up. Kickstarter is an amazing tool that allows us to bring our audience into the process from day one, to enable you guys to not only witness but participate in the creation of our film!

What kind of rewards are we talking about here?

Aside from the warm and fuzzy feeling you’ll get from helping us make an awesome film, we’ve got some great rewards for Kickstarter backers like access to the film’s exclusive Snapchat account, videos of the writer/director Dean Peterson embarrassing himself by doing the karaoke song of your choice, custom, one of a kind artwork, invites to parties and more! Check out all the great rewards in the sidebar to the right.

My fairly decent watercolor skills, one of these could be yours.
My fairly decent watercolor skills, one of these could be yours.

Thanks for checking out our Kickstarter!

Contact Information:

Dean Peterson

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