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Feb 29, 2016 6:31 PM ET

Archived: 55ml Bar: help us install 4 beer taps

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 29, 2016
Seamus and I (Seira) have been working in hospitality for as long as we have been legal.

Bars, restaurants, kitchens and pubs; in Adelaide, Melbourne, outback W.A, N.T., Alice Springs and even a little town outside London where Shakespeare lived.  We love the hospitality industry and particularly working in bars.  The buzz you get when you know you are part of the fun and revelry of a exciting night out.  We believe that what makes a great hospitality venue is real hospitality; when each person who walks into your bar feels like they have been welcomed into your living room to be surrounded by new friends and a crispy beer.

Since Seamus and I got together 6 years ago (we met working in a bar together of course!), we have always been on an adventure.  We spent 2 years 4 wheel driving around the outback of WA and NT, living out of the back of our ute (Gary), catching fish for tea and sharing beers around many a campfire with new and interesting friends.  We worked various jobs from grape picking, earth moving and of course bush pubs.  The following 15 months were spent on a shoe string budget backpacking across the globe in places like Sri Lanka, Mongolia, Basque Country and Georgia.  If there was one thing that our travels and experiences have taught us, it is that good hospitality is as important as good friends, or one in the same.
The incredible hospitality that we experienced excites us into wanting to offer the same to others, which is why we are opening a bar.

We have been back living in Adelaide for over a year and can see the explosion of a spirited new hospitality scene. 
It is an exciting wave to be a part of and the support we have received from the industry, the local council, friends and family so far has been overwhelming.  We are already indebted to so many and still find it hard to believe that we have gotten this far! We have found a beautiful, old, disused warehouse to house our venue and many hands to help us build; we just need a bit more help to get us over the line to open the venue we want to offer Adelaide; a bar with taps! A jug of beer shared among friends, the clink of glasses and the affordability and independence of draught beer is central to offering a venue accessible to all who wonder in.

So far we have the experience, the venue, the energy and an incredible amount of support, we just need a little more help to get us open and the taps flowing so we can share with you our brand of hospitality!

How the funds will be used

Our Pozible campaign will help us install 4 beer taps that are independent from any brewery.
This means we can have a diversity of beers from local breweries as well as something recognizable for those days you are too tired to choose a beer and just need a thirst quencher!

As our venue is too small to have a cool room, we will require a ice bank setup to ensure we can provide cold beer even when we have high flow situations. It will involve one machine set beneath the font and a insulating python in the floor to link the taps to the kegs out back.

$500 for labour costs and materials as we will be required to dig up the concrete slab to install the python and to re-lay new concrete.

Some of my other work

Seamus is an Adelaide born and bred local who has been working largely in hospitality for 16 years beginning in kitchens, then bars and sporadically front of house.  He has worked in varying degrees of responsibility including management and security.
He has also spent a good few years in the construction industry, working in shop fitting and residential renovations.  These skills are incredibly helpful in helping us keep down the costs for the build!

Seira grew up in Tokyo for 8 years before moving to Melbourne but as her mother is originally a country South Australian, spent many Christmas’ driving between Melbourne and Adelaide.  She has been working in hospitality since her first job in a chicken & chip shop at 14 and has never left the industry in 13 years.  Beginning in pubs in Melbourne, has since worked in bars, restaurant and front of house.

We have also both spent an equal amount of years drinking beer so we are experts!

Contact Information:

Seamus, Seira

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