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Feb 26, 2016 4:29 PM ET

‘MotherSong’ CD/Book: a mother’s song to her child

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 26, 2016

The story of the project
MotherSong is exactly what the name implies – a mother’s song to her child. It was inspired by my children, to whom I have sung since birth. While pregnant with my 3rd child I found myself doing a 30 minute ‘performance’ to my 2 other children each night before bed and this just couldn’t continue, so it occurred to me to record their favourites. A friend recorded me in my lounge room and the CD Mummy’s Songs was born, with an exclusive audience of 2.

It was not only my children who loved the idea, but many mums commented that they ‘didn’t think they could ever do it because I sound awful’. That got me thinking. I was not a trained singer, my only public performances being at my sisters wedding and at that of a close friend, or when singing with a local A cappella choir. I asked a few of the people I sing with, and they all started to tell me their memories of being sung to, or of singing to their children. This positive and sentimentally driven response surprised me and I realised I had the seed of a great idea. To help other mothers take that step from wanting to sing to their babies and children, to finding their voice, and through song, any song that felt right, building their bond with their babies. Over time, 6 years to be precise, this has developed into MotherSong CD and book.

I rallied around and called on the support of so many of my talented friends and fellow mums who were all willing to help me either gratis, or for a massage or two (or three) and I even made a new friend in our photographer and designer Andy. It was with hat in hand that I approached him and explained my idea and he jumped on board and has wholeheartedly supported this project from beginning to end and has been such an inspiration.

Work to date has all been done out of my pocket or on an exchange basis, however the next part requires funds so I can put an actual hardcover copy of the book and CD into the hands of all those who have supported me and also trusted me with their fears of singing, of being photographed and of telling their story, and in turn, to inspire other mothers to use their voice, the first voice their babies ever hear, to soothe, comfort and reassure through song.

I am ready to go, all the components are individually complete, they just need to come together in the final printing/production process and MotherSong can be put out into the world to encourage more singing, connection and joy, and that’s got to be a good thing…. right?

Some of my other work
I ‘m new to this world of publishing and music production but I think my commitment to complete this after 6 years of juggling a very busy life to get this out there has got to count for something. I really am one of those people that once my mind is made up and I focus, I always achieve what I set out for.

My background before becoming a Stay at home, home educating Mum was as a Marketing Professional (Oroton, Chatswood Chase) and an Event Coordinator (Australia’s Mother of the Year Awards)
Living on the road full time is going to offer up a few challenges in the ongoing distribution and promotion of MotherSong but I am exploring options to overcome these

Contact Information:

Pip Cooper

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