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Feb 25, 2016 10:24 AM ET

Third Vault LLC – Unparalleled Security from Tamper Resistant Enterprise Appliances

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 25, 2016

Third Vault is paving the way for the future of Internet security by producing secure tamper-resistant Internet appliances for enterprise and the cloud. Our passion to provide the best data security solution available has seen us secure our first strategic alliance with the University of Michigan.


This means enterprises and cloud computing are relying on outdated hardware and software without maximum protection of their customers and client data- and the problem is getting worse. High profile hacks and data breaches have become common place stories in the news; this is the problem in computing today; it needs to be addressed now, and Third Vault has the answer. Our product is ready to ship now; with minimal expense we can have 4-5 more products in less than 2 months.


We are proud to offer the most secure network appliances ever available; our new generation appliances are tamper-resistant, and possibly even completely tamper-proof. Using a new hardware and software architecture and design, we are able to offer a completely new approach to data security.

We are fast too: we handle Internet SSL keys three to four times faster than theconventional hardware, fully implemented our machines react in real-time to prevent unauthorized software from running. 

As an appliance, we offer a quick and simple plug and play installation process, the customer gets full advantage of our security in just a few minutes. Additionally, the appliance business model provides the customer with a single point of contact for their business implifying any software or hardware issues that may arise.


Third Vault’s established partnership and License Agreement with Suvola Corporation enables us to ship product right now. The Suvola platform enables Third Vault to roll out a series of machines addressing specific high demand big-data market needs. Suvola is the leading platform for next generation secure appliances and Third Vault is considered an important part of Suvola’s market entry strategy.  Third Vault benefits from enjoying protection under a series of patents that are part of Suvola’s Intellectual Property strategy. 

Additionally, Suvola provides the company with a ready to go supply chain from chips down to assembly. This permits Third Vault to concentrate on sales and business development and leave companies like VVDN and Interface Masters to stock and build our appliances as ordered. Lastly the company is forging ties with Gartner Group “Magic Quadrant” open source data product suppliers to deeply embed our solution in their user communities. 

We have carried out extensive benchmark tests comparing our machine to competitors’, and ours is the most secure. Not only that, it is three times faster with 2 KB length SSL keys, and four times faster with 4 KB length SSL keys.

The fact that Third Vault can vastly improve data security has generated interest from University of Michigan, as well as two serious thought leaders in big data consulting. As such, we are currently conducting our first test implementation with the university. Leading big data consultants are evaluating our product, having expressed a strong interest in it.

We have also been asked to present an article to Pipeline, a leading industry publication.


Gilbert is a high-tech entrepreneur with over 24 years’ experience of working in technology. His background in Internet software is vast, having begun in 1991. Since then he has been involved in several software companies in various roles. He was part of the team who built the first Internet-enabled groupware product in 1995, and was the CEO of one of the oldest dot com companies, founded in 1996, until its closure this year. He has also raised millions of dollars for software companies as well as being the lead inventor on four patents.

As CEO, he oversees all aspects of Third Vault’s operations, from sales and marketing to business strategy and everything in between. He also nurtures the most important part of the business: its growth.

Chris is a serial entrepreneur in his own right, every business venture he has undertaken has been successful. With eight patents relating to big data to his name, he is a highly regarded expert in big data and next generation computing.

As CTO, he oversees development of Third Vault’s products, including research and development, support, technical business development and strategic alliances with partners in technology.

Contact Information:

Gilbert Borman
Chris Piedmonte

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