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Feb 24, 2016 3:59 PM ET

Archived: Cooperative Business Hub – Planning: “To create sustainable enterprises with soul”

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 24, 2016

I get sick of hearing, “there are no jobs” or “there are no opportunities”… It’s time to create a solution, a solution which can be duplicated and grown, a solution which can do more than help just one community, let’s think bigger, better bolder.

So sit back and relax a little,¬†while you read all this and get your head around it. Got that Mojito in hand, okay chill… “Once upon a time…” Nah let’s skip that and get to the meat in the sandwich, (or the Tofu if you are vegan…)

Let’s find business ideas and bring them to fruition, let’s do it right, let’s do it by caring, about people. Let’s do it with a business model people can get involved in and enjoy what it has to offer. And now to the more serious bits… ūüėČThe Vision… “To create sustainable enterprises with soul“.

Making a positive difference in people’s lives can be challenging, Imagine coming up with a solution that can have incredible impact, provide sustainable jobs, be duplicable, and serve the community.

Years ago I worked on a similar model, then a resource centre for business, then a website of free resources for business. It seemed a waste having all this information at my finger tips and not fully¬†use it. I shared the idea with a few people, they went nuts about it and said ¬†“You have to do this!” so here is the second stage in the process.

More than just a social enterprise, I think of it more as a ‘melding’ of the best of both a commercial and social enterprise. It will utilise a multi service¬†co-operative enterprise¬†model to give members deeper ownership of¬†what happens, ¬†The guidelines, mission, vision etc have taken three years of development¬†to get it to this point. ¬†Ideas have been looked at, concepts pushed about, revelations had, more research, more exploration and finally I have a structure and set of guidelines to move to the next level.

I have had incredible support from a range of business people, and have been encouraged to put enough guidelines in place to get this project happening on paper, now it’s time to take action, I invite you to read further and assist in raising the funds to get the plan ready to go further!

How the funds will be used

These funds will be used to create a business plan out of the research and information gathered over 2+ years. This will mean the project can be one huge step closer to becoming a reality.

It’s time to get on with making the information and early¬†research come to life and get the business plan ready to go to the next level, then¬†explore the development of the interim board, other¬†funding and development options.

Some of my other work

Steve Gray

A business trainer in Leadership – Innovation and Communication –

Steve holds Diplomas in Human Resource Management, Workplace Health and Safety, Visual Arts. A Graduate Diploma in Secondary Education. A practitioners certificate in Neuro Linguistics and a Certificate in Workplace Training and Assessment.

Have written over 500 articles on business related issues www.freebusinesstips.com.aufrom start-up small businesses through to larger enterprises. 

Have worked on committees in the community for not for profit organisations

Have developed information to be shared freely for Visual Artists and Art Students.www.artstuff.net.au

Have presented business seminars and workshops on – Marketing – Public Speaking – Human Resource issues for small businesses – Innovation – Business creativity – Leadership – Communication – Personal Development

Have worked with Long and short term unemployed in Job Search Training

Created and ran two Business Expos with speakers on a range of topics of value to business

As you can see I openly share information to assist people to do more, be more and have more. I have often seen people struggling to find work, struggling to support their families, disenchanted with life, their job and wanting to be pleasantly surprised by a positive outcome. I want this to be a fresh approach to providing a positive enterprise based option for the wider community.

Here’s another website I have with resources for business, and a bit more about me.¬†http://stevegray.biz/
and finally one on my artwork http://stevegray.com.au/

Regards Steve Gray


To develop the plan I will require other business and community professionals to become involved.

– With deeper knowledge on Cooperatives
РWith experience in obtaining project funding (for future social enterprises)
– With business planning experience for the fiddly details ūüôā
– With number crunching skills for the cashflow and finance

Contact Information:

Steve Gray

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