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Feb 21, 2016 3:46 PM ET

Archived: Clay Play @ St Johns: A unique and innovative values based ceramic/pottery class providing the community with the opportunity to experiment with natural clay and experience its creative and therapeutic values

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 21, 2016

Clay Play @ St Johns

Clay play workshops will be held weekly at St John the Baptist Church Catford.
During workshops, participants will use natural clay and be shown pottery techniques that they will be able to use to produce work independently in response to a values based story, theme, song or visual aid.

Participants will have complete freedom to respond with the clay, tools and equipment provided and all will be encouraged to be as imaginative and creative as possible. Participants will be encouraged to communicate and share ideas in traditional ways, as well as visually through work produced, developing the relationship, communication skills and confidence.
Parents/carers will be encouraged to work alongside or with their child to ensure children do not become spectators and detached from the process, with all becoming confident and comfortable with the art of clay and developing their own ideas.

Art works will be fired in a pit or kiln and pieces will be exhibited each term. locally.

What we’ll do:

  • Encourage creativity, imagination and reflection
  • Promote values education and emotional literacy
  • Enhance artistic skills in three dimensional concepts
  • Create a body of artwork for an exhibition
  • Develop communication skills though story telling and visual arts
  • Encourage community cohesion

Why it’s a great idea:

Why Clay? A unique art form, working with clay servers a practical purpose, our cups etc, and also encourages imagination, creativity and cognitive skills. It is a truly sensory and therapeutic experience.
Clay, like water and sand has a natural appeal, as working with this basic medium allows for a unique connection to the work; a completely different experience.
Working with clay provides endless possibilities, the freedom to express and transform creations, making it the perfect medium to respond to abstract concepts.
A long coil of clay can become a snake, then a cup , then a man. There is no right or wrong and there is no reminder of any mistakes, a nice change from using markers, crayons, paint brushes etc, with which marks are unchangeable.

Why Values? – Values make us how we are, affect our behaviour and attitude. Through values based stories/songs, Clay Play will encourage observation and reflection, develop self-expression, personal Identity and artistic skill.

How we’ll get it done:

  • Weekly pottery classes with a professional artist
  • Market and advertise to the local community
  • Plan sessions and purchase materials with a professional artist
  • Document art work and curate the exhibition of work
  • Work closely with St John baptist Primary school around values education

With donations from each individual attending a workshop towards the cost of using the space, Clay Play will run three community workshops per week creating an environment of interaction and artistic expression. The project aims to develop confidence and give a sense of ownership in the work produced. Sessions will encourage individual abilities and enhance their artistic skills in three dimensional concepts.

Contact Information:

Ayesha Weekes

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