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Feb 18, 2016 8:26 AM ET

Archived: PAULG CORPORATION: A diversified technology company creating consumer products for parents, children, and tech enthusiasts around the world.

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 18, 2016


PaulG Corporation
4416 Tuller Rd
Dublin, Ohio 43017



Our first product launch, Force Flyers (2012), brings the thrill of real-world gaming to the Wii/Xbox generation. Our patented Glove Force Technology motion control puts us at the cutting edge of technological advancement in the toy industry.

While Force Flyers was our first product, PaulG’s strength today is in diversification. The company is not dependent on a single concept, market segment or country, which allows for our aggressive but realistic sales projections. We have over 30+ new concepts launching in the next 36 months and expansion into at least 40 countries.  The combination of these elements, along with successful capitalization, is how we will achieve our projections of $50mm in revenue in the next 3 years. 

Our market size exceeds $80bn with numerous large companies that have shown a consistent appetite for acquisition giving PaulG an exit strategy within a very reasonable timeline.




We currently have distribution in over 15 countries and will expand that to reach over 40 within the next 24 months.  One of the key strengths in establishing this distribution network and the success of Force Flyers is that we now have the ability to get product placement at retail on a global scale for most if not all of our 30+ products in the development pipeline.
Current Distribution Agreements

  • Latin America: Toy Plus
  • Ukraine: Kiddisvit
  • Switzerland: Paka
  • Benelux: Braet
  • France: BKids
  • UK:  DSDW
  • Canada: RP Toys
  • Italy: MacDue
  • Middle East: Safari House
  • Israel: Pupik
  • Hong Kong/China: Asia Goal
  • Pan European: Nattou
Proposed Distribution Agreements

  • Japan: Happinet
  • Australia: Hunter Products
  • Korea: N1 Toy
  • Scandinavia: VN Legetou A/S
  • UK:  DSDW
  • Germany: Dickie Simba
  • Levant: ENP Brands
  • Spain: Ingo Devices
  • Czech Republic: Sparkys
  • Brazil: Estrala
  • South Africa: Prima Toys
  • Croatia: Eurom Denis
  • Turkey: UQT


Jeff Hartman,  Founder & CEO – Has over 25 years experience in management positions with extensive experience in product development, marketing, supply chains, and overseas manufacturing. He has founded, developed and managed companies in the technology and consumer product sectors throughout his career. He holds a BA in Finance and Marketing with a minor in Economics from the Ohio State University.

Tracey Hartman, COO – 20+ years experience in management running day to day operations of a multi national company.  She holds a BA in Economics from the Ohio State University

Andy Simons, Marketing Director, ICON – has over 30 years experience and commercial expertise involving the entire European market including EMEA territories. Mr. Simons specializes in concept development and sales strategies on a worldwide basis. Fluent in six languages and respectable in numerous others, he is able to effectively interact and negotiate with the wide ranging clientele of PaulG.

Peter Christien, Marketing Director, ICON – has extensive knowledge of the retail landscape having previously served in a managerial role in some of the largest retailers in Europe. Extensive capabilities in product strategies, Mr. Christien brings a wealth of experience to PaulG

Emily Rong, Shenzhen China Operations – Ms. Rong coordinates all manufacturing processes and customer relations in China for the Force Flyers product group.

David Zhang – Shenzhen China Operations – Mr. Zhang coordinates all manufacturing processes and customer relations in China for the Force Racers product group.

Contact Information:

Jeff Hartman
Founder & CEO

Tracey Hartman

Andy Simons, Marketing Director

Peter Christien, Marketing Director

Emily Rong, Shenzhen China Operations
David Zhang – Shenzhen China Operations

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