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Feb 18, 2016 1:19 PM ET

Archived: LIFE SPAN labs, LLC: Formed by former Nike Executives to develop 112 Degrees, an all-natural daily maintenance dietary supplement created to preserve and restore sexual confidence for men dealing with sexual performance decline due to aging

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 18, 2016


LIFE SPAN labs Logo

LIFE SPAN labs, LLC (the “Company” or “LIFE SPAN”) was formed in December 2005 by former Nike Executives to develop and commercialize its first flagship product, 112 Degrees™, in response to a unique convergence of circumstances. “Health and wellness”, “anti-aging”, “self-care,” and “natural” alternatives for preventative health care are robust growing movements. 6,000 of the 39 million Baby Boomer men in the US turn 60 every day and 2/3 of men over 60 report some degree of sexual performance decline. Consumer skepticism in aging males is growing due to the lack of a trusted and reliable supplier of all natural dietary supplements to support sexual health. Scrutiny by the industry and FDA due to false product claims and pharmaceutical spiking of proclaimed all-natural products is accelerating. The Company has acquired access to a “trade secret” all-natural proprietary formula to support male sexual health with reliable supply sources for the formula’s uncommon ingredients, and reputable technical expertise with the desire to support the introduction of a new high quality science backed product. LIFE SPAN will profit from these converging circumstances by introducing 112 Degrees™ and establishing its benefits in the growing $600 million dietary supplement market to support male sexual performance.

The Company funded 23 pre-market scientific studies that confirmed 112 Degrees™ was safe and effective and then focused on building differentiation that would meet the higher standards of a market growing in sophistication. The Company developed scientifically-backed product claims using its proprietary scientific research, instituted GMP procedures with a pharmaceutical grade manufacturer in the US and became expert at relevant regulatory compliance. LIFE SPAN then created a compelling Brand ID package, tested various direct-to-consumer marketing strategies, and developed sustainable business practices that build consumer trust rather than exploit it.

Products / Services

112 Degrees

112 Degrees is an all-natural daily maintenance dietary supplement created to preserve and restore sexual confidence for men dealing with sexual performance decline due to aging. It is intended as a preventative “sexual vitamin” approach for relatively healthy men and an all-natural option for men suffering from early symptoms of Erectile Dysfunction before resorting to pharmaceutical drugs and their potentially harmful side effects. 112 Degrees does not require a prescription and is not a pharmaceutical drug nor is it intended to cure the disease of Erectile Dysfunction.


Chief Operating Officer
Ken Hobson

Ken Hobson was employed by the owner of small chemical company. The owner, a true entrepreneur, had a vision to build an international chemical packaging and distribution company. Over seven years, Mr. Hobson was involved in every aspect of this business as it grew into an international middle market company. As president of this company, he oversaw its purchase and transition into a Fortune 500 company. Since then, he has owned, grown and sold 11 small businesses. He brings entrepreneurial spirit to the group.
Mr. Hobson has a sincere interest in community affairs. He served as President and Chairman of the Board of Committed Partners for youth, an at risk youth mentoring organization. In addition, he has volunteered considerable time and effort to the Salvation Army’s annual winter coat drive for children.

Contact Information:

Chief Operating Officer
Ken Hobson

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