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Feb 18, 2016 5:39 PM ET

Archived: FoodCraft – An aspiring goods and gift shop bringing unique handmade products from small-batch makers across the US

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 18, 2016
Personal Story

While much of my working life has been with non-profits, following graduate school in 2011 I found that my business interests were growing stronger. My Master’s thesis consisted of 17 interviews with small artisanal food businesses at various stages of development and growth. I loved hearing the owners’ stories of why they were doing what they were doing, from the hardships, to the joys, to their resourcefulness. Most left secure full-time jobs to follow their visions of a different lifestyle, a better product, a more fulfilling workday, an answer to a missing niche. There were different answers and different stories, for sure, but also a commonality in them all: a desire to pursue personally gratifying work, no matter the learning curve or long days. Their lives were full with satisfaction. This resonates with me.

I feel that a vibrant small business community is a necessity and a sign of a healthy culture. A natural organizer and a generalist, I love tending to the detail-oriented needs and wearing of many hats that a small business requires. I appreciate making connections with strangers who become my customers and vendors, learning every day, and contributing to the livelihoods of the small businesses that my shop supports.

Opening Food*Craft will allow me to inspire and delight customers by serving their needs and sharing interesting products. It will allow me to support a network of small businesses across the country. Finally, it will allow me to take a super satisfying step into the learning curve, long days, and satisfaction of running a small, place-based business.

Business Description

Food*Craft is an aspiring goods and gift shop bringing unique handmade products from small-batch makers across the US (and a few further afield) to Louisville, KY. Emphasizing quality, beauty, great design, & delight, Food*Craft products include specialty foods and pantry items, art, homewares, and gifts. It’s one small business supporting other small businesses—and providing the community with a pretty wonderful place to buy gifts and be inspired.


Food*Craft feeds your passion for life, creatively celebrating the exploration of what is delicious, beautiful, natural, and inspirational around us, and the sensory pleasures therein. The physical shop provides a place to see, touch, and purchase in-person, to support buying local and strengthen the local economy, and to encourage creative production and thoughtful consumption. Not just a place to “find” things, Food*Craft will also be a place to make things and make connections; various events and workshops will make the shop a lively and interactive place to spend some time.

Food*Craft started kicking up its heels in November of 2015, establishing relationships with the first of its vendors, and doing pop up shops and gift boxes for the holiday season. Landing a happy-making lease as part of The Butcher Block on East Main Street (the entire block of shotguns and buildings is being renovated back to glory) means that I’m joining a slew of great small business owners in the Butchertown neighborhood, but also means a delay in the start of the brick & mortar business, while we wait for renovations to be complete. We’re looking at a mid-April start date, just in time for the Kentucky Derby and Mother’s Day weekend!

What is the purpose of this loan?

This loan will help me finance necessary point of sale equipment, internet hardware, and furniture to showcase all the wonderful items the shop will carry. I’ve researched and priced out the following:

$4,700.00 – checkout counter, shelving & display items, tables, flat file; workshop tables & chairs
$1,300.00 – POS setup: refurbished ipad air 16g/wifi, receipt printer – Star Micronics TSP143IIU, cash drawer – APG Vasario VB554A-BL1616, Square stand, Square chip card reader, barcode scanner
$250.00 – printer
$150.00 – Internet modem & router
$600.00 – security system install, cameras, first mos service
$500.00 – lighting & speakers
TOTAL $7,500.00

Contact Information:


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