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Feb 17, 2016 6:50 PM ET

Archived: Stunt Toys: An action packed battle game where players race around toy sized environments, extremely fast paced with a large amount of game modes.

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 17, 2016

Stunt Toys

An action packed battle game where players race around toy sized environments, extremely fast paced with a large amount of game modes.

About this project

This game takes the perspective of toy vehicles, whether that is viewing the world through their eyes or watching them fall off table tops as other vehicles hit them with foam rocket pods

This game will be releasing on PC via Steam

Playstation 4 as a milestone

Greenlit within 2 weeks of reveal!
Greenlit within 2 weeks of reveal!

We have received a lot of amazing feedback from the Steam community in regards to the small amount of content shown, and they can’t help feel the nostalgia about the game.

We believe in fun games with a great amount of replay value, and they have to be challenging!

Size of Vehicles (Monster truck)
Size of Vehicles (Monster truck)

We have many game modes for players to engage in, below is a description of the currently planned game modes:

Single player

Bring it down: Knock down all the stacked blocks around the map before the time runs out

Time trial: Try beat the fastest set times on the race tracks

Challenger: A series of challenges for a chosen vehicle type, each set of challenges increases in difficulty and completing the entire set will unlock ? for that vehicle.

Local Multiplayer

Playing Flag point in the Boys room map
Playing Flag point in the Boys room map

You can play up to 4 players via splitscreen in some very competitive and fun game modes:

Flag Point: Rush to objectives and stay in the vicinity of it to collect points, once it has been depleted energy resources for the Boost ability will be flung around the nearby area for players to fight over. Shortly after a new objective will spawn and rush is back on.

Race: Race around huge environments “You know, since you’re tiny :)” and collect pick ups on the track, the tracks are designed to allow players to take tricky shortcuts or use their ramps and jump abilities to scale large obstacles.

Mayhem: Each player has color coded blocks scattered across the map, if lets say Player 1 (Blue) smashes into player 4’s (Green) blocks then player 4 would be given points. so its basically smash all your colored blocks down while trying not to knock down other players blocks, the twist is that all the blocks are stacked next to each other and are physics based.

Party mode is also up to 4 players but uses a single camera to fit all players on the screen, these are typically quicker mini games that are strung together to make a tournament in which players will win based on the amount of points earned from winning games:

Playing Knockout in the Living room map
Playing Knockout in the Living room map
  • Targets: The goal is to get the highest points you can within 2 minutes, by hitting randomly generated airborne targets. 
  • Hazard: The goal is to survive as long as you can as the level around you falls apart and traps appear. you get points for every second you stay alive, and you can get bonus points by smashing crates. the player with the highest points wins.
  • Time Stretch: The goal is to survive as long as you can by collecting clocks that give you added time on your timer, the clocks give you less time as the game progresses and if your timer runs out so do you.
  • Tag: The goal is not to be tagged for as long as you can, when you are the tagged you need to ram into other players to to pass it over to them. simple right. you gain points for not being the Tagged. only the Tagged player has abilities to help them.
  • Zone: The goal is to get to the designated zone before your opponents, the last player to reach the zone loses a life. each player starts with 3 lives. you can collect additional lives in play.
  • Edge: The goal is to travel along a constantly narrowing path without falling off, the further you travel on the path the more points you get, all player are on the same path so its knock off or be knocked off.
  • Knockout: The goal of knock out is to knock your opponents out of bounds, you can do this by ramming them or using collectible abilities to do this. The choice is yours, last toy standing wins.
  • Swarm: The goal is to not get caught by ghosts, new ghost spawn periodically so it gets hard. So use other players as bait!

Online Multiplayer

Rival Racing: Top down racing madness with pick ups, super faced paced with fun tracks.

MOBA: Our most comprehensive game mode, 4v4 fast paced action where players have to defend their base by stopping enemy minions from entering it and making way for your minions to enter theirs. Each vehicle will have 4 unique abilities and can collect items on the map to increase their stats permanently, destroying other vehicles will gain you experience to level up your abilities and stats.   

The Team & Budget

We are currently a team of two with two other members potentially joining soon, we have been working on this game since early October 2015 and work remotely from US to UK, we currently don’t work full time on the game and need the funding from Kickstarter to be able to do that. Between us we cover every discipline needed to make Stunt Toys and being able to work on it full time would allow us to make it faster but also with so much more polish, all the polish!

Almost all the fees will go towards development costs to make the game, the remainder will pay for software licenses and fees.

Risks and challenges

We are new to industry and this is the first major game we will be releasing, we are planning on releasing within a year but don’t know what implication could arise that may postpone the game. We actually predict we may be able to release it sooner than that but we want to add a lot of polish, and we don’t want to release the game until it’s up our high standards.

We have been using Unreal Engine 4 for just over a year now and really love it, we don’t see many technical issues going forward as the engine is quite amazing.

Although we are a small team of 2 people with another couple of developers possibly joining the team to help make this game the best it can be, we work relentlessly and always strive to output our best work.

Contact Information:

Louis Tavenier

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