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Feb 11, 2016 11:11 AM ET

Archived: Diskordia is an ongoing surreal fantasy webcomic. Help fund the printing of the first Book as a deluxe limited edition Graphic novel!

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 11, 2016

Hi, my name is Rivenis, The creator of the online Graphic novel series Diskordia. I’ve been publishing it since 2010 and have created almost 500 pages of content  through 14 issues with no signs of stopping or slowing down.I think it’s high time for some love in print. To find out everything you need to know about the comic and even read it for FREE check out the official website

For this campaign I’m teaming up with Blacksci-fi.com; an awesome organization that has come to believe in Diskordia and is lending their aid to see this project to completion. Check out their website to find out more about them. 


Also of note is the support I’ll be receiving from 44Flood. An amazing and highly successful artist collective who have published many acclaimed books and art such as Tome and Lust. They believe in my work as well. 

 ‘Diskordia is a beautifully twisted work of art and one that needs to be experienced by anyone who is a fan of HP Lovecraft and Lewis Carol.’      –The Pulp Media.

Diskordia is a surreal dark fantasy comic that explores themes such as the nature of reality, consciousness and self-determination. It does so with equal doses of hilarity, whimsy and mind numbing horror. The main story follows Jackal Black, a cynical and sarcastic young man as he is yanked from his dull life into the bizarre dreamtime; a transit hub between dimensions. He will travel through these strange and varied realms encountering curiously odd creatures and terrifying foes while discovering the true horrific and baffling nature of the world he thought he knew.

This synopsis only really covers the starting point of the series. It has since evolved into a sprawling epic with many fascinating and idiosyncratic characters and scenarios.

Due to the series’ uncompromising nature featuring nudity, violence, harsh language and challenging themes Diskordia is recommended for mature audiences only

Diskordia has a very large and diverse range of strange and intriguing characters. Here are just a few:

Jackal Black: The main Protagonist; a social misfit whose already shaky reality crumbles magnificently after a particularly harrowing day at his local community college.

Squidgirl: The first creature Jackal encounters in the Dreamtime. She becomes his bodyguard. She’s violent, impulsive and wears an octopus for a hat. What more need be said?

Iverna Deskerna: The CEO of the Mephys Media Group. This position makes her one of the most powerful individuals on the planet. She has many, many dark and terrible secrets.

Shaw: A mysterious, puissant and dangerous individual. Shaw’s motives are unclear but his threat level isn’t.

Millions Miziardo: Self- proclaimed God of the Sex. A walking, talking force of Id. Many have fallen victims to the horrible predilections of this impulsive monster.

Well, printing books are expensive. Especially when you want to pull out all the stops using the highest quality materials imaginable. The book will be 180 pages of glorious colour collecting the first 5 issues of the series . And it will be something I can be proud of. It will be either a softcover or a hardcover depending on how much we can raise through this campaign.

Virtual mock-up (hardcover)
Virtual mock-up (hardcover)

 So to be technical it will be a 6.625″x10.25″ 180 page deluxe soft/hardcover containing the first half of the ‘Feels like falling’ saga (issues 1-5) as well as sketches and illustrations created around the time the comic was being worked on. After gathering quotes and researching the best quality I’ve determined that a limited softcover print run will come up to around $4000 with a little more for shipping the books to my doorstep. The rest of the money will go towards manufacturing and shipping out rewards as well as covering kickstarter and bank fees. Anything raised over the initial goal will go towards improving the book (i.e making it a hardcover with other fancy additions and rewards.) I have some great ideas for stretch goals but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.


Kickstarter is an all or nothing venture. If we fail to raise the goal in the alotted time no one’s cards will be charged. There is zero risk to you the pledger. But let’s be more positive shall we.

Note: All pledges of $40 or higher will have their names included in the book. If you live anywhere in the Caribbean besides Barbados just choose the Trinidad option for shipping cost calculation purposes.

Contact Information:


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