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Feb 8, 2016 7:33 AM ET

Archived: Global content marketing platform poised for further growth in 2016

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 8, 2016


Already working with clients including Puma, British Airways, Three and Sony Music, Miappi’s SaaS platform unifies social media into a social hub. Since our last successful pitch on Angels Den in April 2015, with an experienced management team, Miappi has already achieved significant traction. Our monthly recurring revenue has been growing on average 50% month on month since August 2015 and our sign-up growth has been averaging 30% in the same period. Major channel partners are already agreed and are delivering revenue that will grow rapidly in 2016. “Really simple, really impactful” Director of Brand & Communications Three.



    Miappi’s SaaS platform unifies social media into a social hub: a beautiful, blended mosaic of social media ‘best bits’. Our feature rich and simple to use dashboard lets clients design, curate and moderate their social media and UGC content.

    Add user generated content (UGC) to make content creation even easier. This ‘earned’ media is proven to be the most credible amongst consumers.

    The end result is that Miappi maximises the potential of existing social media, harnesses the power of UGC and increases the reach of all content.


    Estimates say that for any given post, as little as 2% of a brand’s followers see it. Companies make huge efforts to create original content for social media, but social networks, including Facebook, limit the amount of organic content shown to followers. 

    To make matters worse the proliferation of social networks means that customers rarely get to see all the great content intended for them.

    The end result is that companies are frequently wasting resources producing social media that their customers don’t see.


    License fees for the direct SaaS and channel-driven sales model (we anticipate the average revenue per profile per annum to be £2-3k plus set-up). 

    – The key channel partnerships to deliver significant revenue in 2016 are already in place.

    – Additional revenue will be derived from reactive response to large projects.

    – Discovery hubs (such as Feedlamp) built on our platform provide further revenue opportunities direct or via partnerships.

    – Within 24 months we expect to have more than 2,000 paid profiles and apps generating £3m in revenue and £1.5m in EBIT as well as additional revenue from other sources.


    Within 24 months we anticipate annualised revenues in excess of £3m and EBIT of £1.5m+.

    Based on sector multiples of 8-15 EBIT we would expect to achieve an exit valuation of between between £24m and £45m. If hubs such as Feedlamp also deliver strong usage and traction this valuation could exceed £50m.

    There are a number of likely exit routes:

    – Social networks
    – Music brands e.g. labels, streaming services
    – Aggregators/portals/search providers
    – Mobile service providers/manufactures
    – Media groups
    – Other web service companies

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