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Feb 8, 2016 12:43 PM ET

Bookmemate: the most efficient booking & financial system for small businesses

iCrowdNewswire - Feb 8, 2016

When I started Bookmemate I had a vision and that vision was to help small or medium sized businesses better be able to control their bookings and finances. Through my research for Bookmemate, I spoke with a variety of business owners, such as; plumbers, electricians, beauticians and more, to find out what method they most commonly use to keep their books. The results of these questions were clear; they used paper books for their appointment books and records, and many of them weren’t interested in managing their finances!



In this day in age, relying on a paper book is just impractical and there are huge disadvantages to using this outdated method. For one, it’s incredibly difficult to find past bookings, and attempting to sort out revenues at the end of every year is something resembling hideous. When speaking with these businesses, I was absolutely shocked to learn that many of these businesses aren’t even viable because they have no idea what their financial situation is, and can’t even populate a profit and loss statement!




Any business, big or small, should be able to easily keep track, and reference, their bookings and finances. Bookmemate is a simple, easy to use, affordable all-in-one booking and financial system. Users can easily manage their clients, tasks to be completed, and book appointments, as well as send SMS reminders of appointments to clients with just the click of a button. Completed tasks can easily be noted in the system, and Bookmemate saves all the clients information, tasks completed, and revenue received all in one place for quick reference later.




Not only does Bookmemate save important financial information like revenue from clients but also records business expenses such as rent, gas, electricity, dividends etc. and it even manages the inventory. The user may then easily print out a profit and loss statement monthly in order to track their progress and performance. You can even pay yourself a salary by entering the amount in the expenses section! This point alone sets Bookmemate apart from any and all other systems. Plus, Bookmemate now offers a new, exciting feature that allows you to not only send SMS message reminders, but also send a quote to a client easily via email allowing you to book clients quickly and with less hassle. Then, once the quote has been accepted, and booking completed, you can send an invoice or receipt to the client without having to print and mail it, saving you time and money.




Bookmemate is packed with features like:

    • Appointment management
    • SMS reminders
    • Client management
    • Income & Expense management
    • Inventory management
    • Sending & receiving SMS
    • Automated receipts
    • Client statistics & history
    • Expense revenue charts
    • Financial statements like profit & loss
    • Google Calendar sync and many more.


Where will the funds go?

As everyone can imagine it’s not easy for a tech startup company to come up with the funds to kick-off bigger marketing campaigns. To have a good product that users love (see our testimonials here: is one thing, but to let the world know that Bookmemate can benefit so many small businesses is another. Hence, we are looking to raise funds to cover the cost for printing flyers & banners, the cost for exhibitions and the cost for our social media campaigns.

How else can you support Bookmemate?

Please share our project with friends and family or forward the campaign to someone you know who would benefit of our system. 

Thank You!

Contact Information:


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